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Thread: General Warning About This Section

  1. Default General Warning About This Section

    There seems to be a view held among some posters in this section of the forum that the Mission Statement and Rules of Political Forum somehow do not apply here. This is not the case.

    Note the Mission Statement of Political Forum: functions as a public forum website open to all individuals of all political persuasions that is centered on the discussion of politics in general. All walks of life are welcome to join the discussions in the tradition of vigorous respectful debate. The purpose of rules and guidelines for the forum is to help create an environment that is inviting to as wide a spectrum of people as possible from all parts of the world, but that does not restrict the ability of users to express their political views, even if those views are inflammatory or unorthodox. In a world often filled with intense political turmoil and polarization of beliefs, attempts to bring opposites together to relate their views and learn from one another.
    and the forum rules:
    and in particular the following sections:
    (4) Avoid personal attacks. This is probably the most subjective of guidelines; however, approach it like this: ATTACK THE MESSAGE, NOT THE MESSENGER.
    Many topics are emotionally charged. This passion for what one believes in should remain in the discourse. However, please refrain from attacking another user in a personal way. Personal attacks do not contribute to a debate. While you may attack a user's ideas, views, political affiliation, political party, political candidate, government, etc... you must not attack the poster personally. Those who engage in this may get a private warning, a public warning, or even have their posting deleted. Continued disregard towards this guideline may result in being banned from this board.
    (5) No flame-bait threads or posts. Threads or posts where the sole intent (either by topic, title, images or language) is to elicit emotionally charged responses or personal attacks from others will be deleted. This especially goes for any form of hate speech. It is up to the moderators' discretion to determine whether or not a given post falls into a particular category. Continuing to start flame-bait threads and/or continuation of making flame-bait posts may lead to infractions and eventual banning.

    The insulting, attacking and flamebaiting of other forum members IS NOT PERMITTED ON POLITICAL FORUM.

    These and all other rules apply equally to the 9/11 section as to the forum as a whole, and action WILL be taken against those who continue to ignore them. In accordance with the normal procedures of the forum, this action may include warnings, infractions and/or members being banned from threads where they have violated the forum rules.

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    Please note, the above warning still applies to this section, but the wording of the rules specified in the original post has now changed:

    (4) Personal Attacks:

    ATTACK THE MESSAGE, NOT THE MESSENGER - Any statement directed at or about another member of Political Forum that is derogatory in nature will be considered a 'Personal Attack'.

    Derogatory comments, insults, name-calling, etc. that are, or appear in the judgement of moderators intended to be, directed personally at other forum members are not permitted. This forum is a place for 'respectful debate' - other forum members should not be regarded as the subject of the discussions. Members must not attack or harass (by repeated personal attack, accusation, baiting, trolling, posting/demanding personal information, etc.) other members in discussion threads, or in any other forum areas (Social Groups, Visitor Messages, Private Messages, Reputation Comments, etc.), even if they believe their attack/insult to be 'true' or 'fact'. Attacks directed towards politicians, public figures, political groups, etc. are allowed, but anything deemed by the moderators to be threats towards public figures, forum members or anyone else will be removed, and may be reported to the relevant authorities if considered to be real and/or serious.

    (5) Flamebaiting.


    Threads, posts or comments that appear (in the judgment of the moderators) to have been expressed in a manner specifically designed or intended to elicit emotionally charged responses or personal attacks from others are not permitted. This applies to the topic, title, images, language and any other content, and is especially true of any extreme abusive language or slurs directed at racial, religious or other groups, or anything involving threats of violence. Members are allowed to express ANY opinion on the forum, even if others find that opinion itself 'offensive' in some way. However, comments must not be constructed deliberately just to offend or inflame, and abuse is not 'just an expression of opinion'.
    Please take note of these rules, and all the rest of the forum rules:
    when posting in this section, or any other section, of the forum.

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