It has come to the attention of the staff, over a period of time, that anonymous proxies are being used by a few to hide their IP identity in order to create sock puppets (multiple accounts) for the purpose of attacking other members (or staff members), or by members that have been previously banned for their rule violations to create new accounts for themselves. This has been a huge problem for Staff and Moderators in the past which will no longer be tolerated - the use of anonymous proxies to access the forum is now banned.

IF you are using an anonymous proxy, please stop doing so immediately or risk being permanently banned.

Members who are found to have been using anonymous proxies to create multiple accounts for any purpose may be subject to immediate banning from the forum. Anyone who would like to discuss this issue with the Moderators and Staff should open up a thread in the Suggestion Box for private discussions.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Moderators and Staff of Political Forum