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Thread: My Issue With the Chinese – Panda’s Manifesto.

  1. Default My Issue With the Chinese – Panda’s Manifesto.

    China gets a lot of praise. People say it has the largest population, and it’s full of pandas. Well, even though these “pandas” are the most populous inhibitors of any country, they’re considered “endangered” and we have to put up with their corrupt government.

    The pandas kill all the second-born children, and we overlook that! Abortion is high in China, because they won’t tolerate more of a population! Although I believe the less pandas the better, their willingness to kill their own kind shows just how much the world would be better off without them! For example, someone in the U.S. would never kill a white guy and get away with it, and someone in Germany would never kill another Sausage! It’s homicide.

    We want to be friends with China, but remember Pearl Harbor? These pandas killed millions of people, just because we refused to sell them rice and weapons! I would never go within a foot of a panda, or speak to them; unless on the video conference for business.

    People are always trying to stop us from DEFENDING ourselves against these corrupt creatures; they say “Pandas are people, too!” Well, if they’re people, why do they eat bamboo?

    I guess I have to give them credit, though; they are proud of their China. They’re not nationalist or Communist at all! They just beat and oppress people who aren’t pandas! No other country is known for such cruelty. Many people say, “The Americans did that to the native Americans.” I was born in America, so I AM a Native America; therefore I am qualified to say that I am not offended at what the REAL Americans did, because my life is great just the way things happened! Even the prejudiced shrimp down in the South know that they can’t be like China to everybody.

    That is why I think it is time for the china to fall off the shelf like when a little girl pushes it over and gets a whooping; except America should get no whooping for defending herself! That would be like if knocking it over saved the dad! But it wasn’t normally like that; it is now. It is time to tell a panda that they cannot live this life of luxury without a passport anymore.

    A Worried Citizen.

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    This is either a really badly done sarcasm post or a distrubingly dumb one, I have a hard time telling which it is
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