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Thread: Boy, its great to a be a straight, protestant white guy...

  1. Default Boy, its great to a be a straight, protestant white guy...

    Boy, its great to a be a straight, protestant white guy.


    Its pretty cool.

    There's a bunch of us and for the most part, we rule the world. Always have and, if its up to us, we always will. Remember that, ok?

    Here's just a few of the ways we have an edge up on you "other people."

    BIRTH CONTROL: No one's too pushy with us about what, if any, birth control option we use. Yes, my Catholic pals are told contraception's a no-no, but for the most part, the condom police are on holiday somewhere other than their bedrooms. If you think these guys are abstaining, you've lost your mind. Further if you think the only times they've ever had intercourse, even within the sacred boundaries of marriage, was to have a child, again, you've lost your mind. I'm told (anecdote alert!!) Catholics use birth control a lot. Being raised Protestant (Methodist) means the only person who cared/cares if I'm using something is my partner. There's never been a third party involved in this discussion as far as I can remember. And I would've remembered. Further, not once did anyone try to tell me that if I prevented my sperm from entering my partner's uterus, that I'd killed an unborn life. No one ever picketed outside my window with hateful signs. No politician ever seemed too concerned about it. Besides, if they ever said that a less than "proper" disposal of a viable sperm cell was akin to murder, than 95% of all teen age boys would be hauled off to prison for, uh, well, you know. I'm really glad I'm not a woman. First off, I'm not tough enough. Secondly, I'd be pretty upset if my employer could potentially withhold a variety of medical benefits based on "moral grounds" like whether they would cover contraception for Pete's sake.

    MARRIAGE RIGHTS: Being a straight, protestant white guy, no one ever actually tried to produce a law that would've prevented me from marrying the person I love. My wife and I decided this all on our own. Eh, we might've kicked it around with our friends, but no legislators were involved. Once we said this is what we wanted, as long as we had $25.00 for the Marriage License, we were good to go. No fuss, no muss. The options to get officially hitched were impressive. We could find almost any "man of the cloth" to perform the ceremony. We could've retained, for a modest fee, the local Justice of the Peace or for that matter, almost any judge licensed in our State to perform the ceremony. Or, we could've asked the local mayor to handle it for us. Plenty of options, no real stress trying to figure this out. Life being married has been pretty straight-forward as well. When my Wife had an emergency C-Section there was no question whether I could be in the room. I was the husband. Period. They even gave me a nifty little gown, a hat and cool booties to wear. Our marriage counts everywhere we could go in the USA. Every one of the fifty States accepts the notion that we're legally married. Gee, how cool is that? Good thing I'm not a gay man, because I'd only be able to marry my partner in six other States and the District of Columbia. More are in the works, but the current mark of 14% of the Country just isn't good enough, is it? Well, being a straight, protestant white guy, I don't have to worry about it, do I?

    LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Again, straight, protestant white guys rule! Anytime I've wanted to rent an apartment or a house or purchase a home, there haven't been any questions in this regard. I've lived in nice neighborhoods and not so nice neighborhoods. I'd fill out the paperwork and applications, give it a few days and voila! I had a new place to call my own. I guess its not the same for everyone though. I was friends with a gay couple about 25 years ago who liked my apartment. They noticed there was another unit for rent in the same building. They made more money than me. They had better credit than me. They had more references than me. They were will to pay for three months in advance. (Something I couldn't afford to do...) Yet they were turned down. Who moved in? Some middle-aged jack-ass white guy who liked to blast Merle Haggard music off his balcony after the bars closed and drink his Jack straight from the bottle. (*)(*)(*)(*) good thing those gays didn't move in. It might've upset the neighborhood.

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    Bill in Dayton

    (Follow me at http://reasonableconversation.blogspot.com/ )

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    I think, that as a white protestant, that I need more options for spending $25 and automatically getting special tax deductions that others can't get access to. That's the only fair thing to do, after all. We need more antiquated incentives for living by societal norms. Personally, I won't renew my driver's license unless I can get a tax break as a result. But they better not let gays get that same tax break. In fact, they shouldn't be allowed to get a drivers license at all, because I fear that I may be rear ended as a result. So there.

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    On the negative side........ two time near death experiencer Dannion Brinkley was shown that only the most philosophically advanced angels/ spiritual beings will volunteer to come into this world as a child destined to be handicapped so............ you might not be one of the most courageous or philosophically advanced souls - angels - spiritual beings in the multiverse????!

    You auditioned for a rather easy role in four dimensional space - time..... Hey wait a minute..... so did I????! Or does the case of bleeding ulcers at four years of age and rheumatoid arthritis at 14 count?????!


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    "To heal with people is to focus on their good points, not on the points you think should change." (Betsy Otter Thompson)

    "Know! You need to judge every person favorably, even someone who is completely wicked, you need to search and find any little bit of good. By finding in him a little good and judging him favorably you actually bring him over to the side of merit and you can return him in teshuva" (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, LM 282)

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