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Thread: Creating threads in "Latest World News"

  1. Default Creating threads in "Latest World News"

    It's called: Latest World News.

    The description of it reads:
    Posts of newsworthy political items current within the last 72 hours.

    If you start a thread here, please be sure to include a link to the news event that the thread originates from with sufficient elaboration to establish a foundation for respectful discussion and debate. Threads should not be duplicates of other threads and/or topics (creating multiple threads with fundamentally the same topic is not allowed). Images, links, quotations, etc., should be used to support a member's opinion, not to replace it. The topic should be an actual news event. If you would like to discuss political or other opinions we have forums specially for this. This forum is specifically for the Latest World News.

    Threads started that are obviously editorials, opinion pieces, a new user's rant about their most hated political figure (for example), and generally just not a news event will be moved to the proper forum.

    Please note: Make your settings show posts in this forum from the last day, last two days, or the last week. You can do this by scrolling down to the bottom left corner of the page, and setting it to reflect your preference. Posts that are inactive for longer than that will be moved to the appropriate forum

    Once a thread goes inactive for 72 hrs, the moderators will move it to another forum at their earliest convenience.
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