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Thread: Welcome to Political Forum!

  1. Default Welcome to Political Forum!

    Thank you for visiting [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    You may start a topic (or poll) at any time, or post a reply in an existing topic.

    Please click on Register in the top menu, and reserve a username that nobody else can use. You will be able to receive reply notifications, create a profile and signature, vote in posted polls, get your own Private Message box, and more.

    We hope you will return often as our community expands, and participate whenever possible.

    Enjoy your stay!

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    I never knew Canada was a region.

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    Its alive. Its alive!

    Necormancer has a supernatural ability to bring long-dead forum discussion threads back to life. After having been flogged to death the thread may have been deceased for many years, and bringing it back may have scant relevance to the current topic, yet Necromancer will unexpectedly exhume the thread’s rotting corpse, and strike horror in the forum as its grotesque form lurches into the discussion. The monster, instantly recognized by all who knew it in life, seems at first to breathe and have a pulse, but, alas, it is beyond Necromancer’s skill to fully restore the thread’s original vitality. The hideous apparition may frighten away some of the weaker Warriors or Warriors badly wounded in former battles, but the thread is only a shadow of its former self and very quickly expires.

    Unlike Archivist, Necromancer compulsively saves every forum message in carefully preserved archives for future use in battle, while Necromancer collects departed threads merely for the thrill of resurrecting them. Some say he performs this unnatural act out of malice, others say he can’t help himself, but no one really knows.

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    You would think PF would be something more then a commentor.
    "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."- American Philosopher George Santayana

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    I have been on here for years, and have never seen the site owner participate in any thread. Not even once.

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    Well, he/she has 952 attributed posts.

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    Those are probably PS posts or posts in mod forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadistic-Savior View Post
    Its alive. Its alive!
    Hey, some people think about an answer for a while before posting

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