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Thread: Believer in the official version of 9/11 looking for hard proof of a conspiracy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10aces View Post
    How could you know what evidence is, when everything you know about 9/11 is based on what the government tells you?
    Because once again you've chosen to lie your ass off instead of telling the truth. You can lie about me all you want, but the truth is there for everyone to see along with the truth that you are once again lying your ass off.

    So what evidence do you bring to the table. I've asked you countless times to produce some of this evidence you pretend you have, and you have not produced a single shred of evidence.

    As for the evidence I believe, it includes things outside the government's control like the witnesses that were there. Oh yeah, you truthers pretend the government is threatening each and every one of them within an inch of their lives to keep them quiet, but adults know better.

    The evidence I believe is based in physics and engineering. You truthers like to pretend the laws of physics were broken on 9/11, yet none of you have actually been able to prove that. Physics is physics. It isn't open to interpretation.

    The evidence I believe is based on the complete lack of evidence that backs up truther lameassed theories. This entire thread was asking someone.... ANYONE... to step forward with actual evidence to back up the truther claim Al Qaeda wasn't behind 9/11. Not ONE of you could do it. That speaks volumes to everyone, not just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9/11 was an inside job View Post
    yeah these conspiracy theorists that defend the official version,those paid trolls that have penetrated this site,No they havent given up on trying to derail 9/11 truth discussions so yeah you are right,they havent given up defending the governments conspiracy theory despite getting their rear ends handed to them on a platter here everyday.
    Really? Listen I used to be one, and I also used to be christian..ya know what made me stop being both? No evidence to what is being said, but if think calling me a troll will make me mad it wont you guys think we didnt land on the moon and that hurricanes are caused by human machines? Yet im the troll?

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