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Thread: Time Limit for Editing

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    Why is there a time limit for editing a post?
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    I'd guess the time limit is so posters cannot keep changing the text hours or days later after others replied to it.

    This looks like a rather large, distracting signature, compared to the few words posted. lol
    "In order to keep signatures reasonable in size (to prevent them from overpowering the posts in a thread) the normally accepted criteria is that they should not be larger in total than 3 lines at normal (size 2) text size, or the equivalent (2 lines at size 3, 4 lines at size 1, etc.), including any spaces, etc.."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horhey View Post
    Why is there a time limit for editing a post?
    It prevents abuse. Posters could edit their posts indefinitely to avoid a moderator infraction, or to troll other members (such as by changing their post, then accusing someone who replied of having misquoted them, etc).
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