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  1. Third Millennium BLOG.

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    When to you expect the Arkansas law to be declared unconstitutional?
    Gee, it was two years ago.
    Affirmed by the Supreme Court earlier this year.
    . . . . District Judge Susan Webber Wright ruled Act 301 was not consistent with Roe as applied in Casey, but implied the time had perhaps come to re-examine Roe. The State appealed this decision to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    . . . . Judges Lavenski R. Smith, Duane Benton and Bobby
  2. U.S.-Run Dirty War in El Salvador

    Raw Imperialism. Not Cold War

    From 1980 to 1992, a civil war between the government and the Faribundo Marti Liberation Army raged in El Salvador, claiming more than 75,000 lives and pushing more than 1.5 million people into exile in a country of just over 6 million. As part of its Cold War strategy, the U.S. government supported the Salvadoran government to the tune of $4 billion during ten years of war. The U.S. complemented its support of low-intensity warfare with an aggressive
  3. Short school uniform dresses are good?

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    Of course I love children. Why else would I decide to work in childrens services?

    I worked for many different childcare centres when I was a bit younger and I have done training and have a very good understanding child development and accepted modern childcare theory, so if you would like any advice with anything about caring for your children feel free to ask. Like I said I am a law abiding citizen and I also ensure that I have a good understanding of the regulations that I need


    With the new party affiliation/identification figures out yesterday, I decided to post this now instead of waiting until 1 September. I will post an update in September as soon as the numbers for that month become available.

    Currently there are 54 Republicans and 46 Democrats in the Current Senate. There are 24 Republican seats up for re-election vs. 10 for the Democrats.

    Safe ...
  5. Sarah Palin predicts 'huge erosion of support' if Trump backs down on one key part of

    Indeed, wannabe king maker Palin has spoken.

    There will be a huge erosion of support of Trump if he backs down on the dream of mass deportations and such.

    Perhaps it will be, in my opinion, as big as the erosion of support for Trump that happened when folks realized he was a bit of an (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*), but I digress.

    Palin staked her flag for Trump, calling out folks that did not blindly support him within the GOP, and now, well, she looks like she ...
  6. Hillary: ‘Lot of Smoke,’ But ‘No Fire’ With Clinton Foundation

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    Come on. You know that the Clinton's are lying thieving crooks who use public office for the access it gives them to graft. They aren't fooling you, you are aren't fooling me. We all know exactly what's up with the Arkansas Grifters Traveling Roadshow.
    I know that I cannot get you to READ about the foundation or the donors or the timing.

    Secretary Clinton was not involved in the work of the Foundation when she was serving as Secretary of State. During her time in
  7. This is how the Democratic party ends!

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    People have been fighting RvW since it was decided and continue to do so even though common sense indicates abolishing it requires removing rights from half the population. It is almost as if they are to focused on the issue to think at all.
    Basically just answer t[h]is question:
    Is it okay to remove rights from an American citizen based on your own opinion?
    ============================== ============================== =
    . . . . Yes, the U.S. Constitution grants this right

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  8. Trump campaign manager: 'Nothing has changed' on immigration


    According to Trump's campaign, um mouthpiece I guess, there has been no change in Trump's position.

    This in contrast to the actual changes in Trump's position on immigration, deportation, and some magical force that will round up illegals.

    No word on Trump's magical ability to get Mexico to pay for a wall.

    Donald Trump's campaign ...
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