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  1. Judge Dismisses Republican Lawsuit Over Obamacare Subsidy For Congress

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    IMO: In this instance I agree with Senator Johnson who challenged the part of Obamacare that granted subsidies for members of Congress and their staffs, even when they purchased their insurance plans online. This was just another governmental give-a-way to Congressmen and their staff.
    Definitely. It kinda defeats the purpose, and spirit, of universal healthcare. I don't see how Senators need subsidies for healthcare access, but I certainly see how the poor would. Congressional staff ...
  2. ranking terms of multi-term US Presidents

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    Recently I had occasion to update my list of US presidents best to worst and found some unexpected results. In the process I began to ponder the usefulness of ranking individual terms.

    I now present my rankings of multi-term US Presidents. This too has many surprises.

    I did not includeLincoln because he served only one month of his second term.

    I did not include Grover Cleveland because his two terms were not consecutive.

    I did not include
  3. Most Christians Are Strong In Their Faith

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    Purposeful Ignorance.

    When one ignores information based on preconceived belief which forces them to dismiss a recognized reality which has been proven accurate through research and evaluation, they are living in purposeful ignorance.

    The Gays have America focused on their rights to proclaim sex with other men capped by a short lived maximum of about 2-3 years of marriage, when the Bible says we ought be silent ...
  4. Shock poll: 40% of Americans are unsure of Obama's citizenship.

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    Pisci.....are there any racists among the Birthers? Yes or No?
    Gorny.....are there any ugly women in the Democratic party? Yes or No?
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ROFL!!!!

  5. "Boeing": press conference at the Ministry of Defense of Russia

  6. My political beliefs

    I'm a Republican, I really can't say I'm a true Conservative because I think more like a Centrist. I see things I like from both Conservatives and Liberals, although I lean much farther to the Right than to the Left.

    I do feel we need a health care plan that will cover all Americans. I just think Obama care is not it. It's to expensive when Obama assured us it would be cheaper and it forced everyone to buy into it. Right now we cover almost everyone, but the way we are doing it waste ...
  7. Ukrainian army is defeated (video)

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    Political Views
  8. Microsoft Announces 18,000 Layoffs, Or 14% Of Its Labour Force

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    Why must everything turn political with you ?
    Well kinda in his defense, if no politics are involved in this story or thread then this topic is in the incorrect section.

    So pick a side and blame the other already.

    This is the most truth i've seen posted on this website!
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