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  1. Aznavourís "syndrome genocide"

    Alik Bahshi

    Aznavourís "syndrome genocide"

    French singer of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour entered politics in the status of the Armenian ambassador to Switzerland, and apparently decided to declare itself as a politician, spoke about the problems of Armenian genocide. (
    First ...
  2. The Russian monks sing

    This is my record of the choir monks Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma, 2007.

    I think, to someone it can be interesting. It was a pity only at me then for the weak camera and quality of a sound recording not the best.
    Tags: religion, russia
  3. The Washington Establishment


    LIFE, First portrait of Kennedy by a member of his team, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Jul 16, 1965

    Kennedy's acquaintance had, indeed, certain limitations. In particular, he was little acquainted in the New York financial and legal community—that arsenal of talent which had so long furnished a steady supply of always orthodox and often able people to Democratic as well as Republican administrations. This continuity was the heart of the American Establishment.

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    The Empire , Plutocracy USA
  4. What this Country Needs is a Helicopter Drop of Money

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    Short term increases in quantity demanded only serve to increase prices. The only real way to consume more is to produce more.

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    Everybody who is productive, demands. Demand without production gets you nowhere.

    The economic creationists are like Christian fundamentalists. They do not believe in the evolution of markets and production. They believe that the Holy Government creates wealth at the printing press
  5. Salon writer admits he's a pedophile

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    No, I want you to answer the question.
    Because women favor protection, stability, and provision. Men favor fertility, a hunt, and virility. Our tendencies are indicative of our more primal sides.
  6. U.S.-Saudi Arabia Relations

    Some Crude History

    The Persian Gulf remains a vital American concern. Any change in the status quo would have to be dealt with by the full range of power-assets available to us.

    -Secretary of State Alexander Haig, 03/20/81

    Imperial Alibis: Rationalizing U.S. Intervention After the Cold War, Stephen Rosskamm Shalom, 1993

    Much of the world's proven oil reserves are located in the limited area of the Persian Gulf (in recent years Arab states

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    Saudi Arabia
  7. Donald Trump: White Working-Class Hero

    Quote Originally Posted by The Great Zeus View Post
    LAST week, Donald Trump became the leader of the Republican Party. He thrashed his way to this summit by understanding what many intelligent people utterly failed to see: the decline of American institutions and mores, from Wall Street and the Senate to cable news and the Twitterverse, made the candidacy of a celebrity proto-fascist with no impulse control not just possible but in some ways inevitable. It shouldnít have been such a surprise. An early tremor came in 2008, in the person of Sarah Palin,
  8. Proselytizing the Holy State


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