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  1. Imitate the Progressives - Be The Best Saboteur You Can Be

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    Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog outlines some principles explaining how Americans can take back their country from the communists. Basically, Americans should use the same tactics the "progressives" used to steal America (Greenfield in some ways restates Alinsky).

    1. There is no conservative party
    There is a Republican Party. The purpose of the party and its politicians,
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  2. How To Help The Poor

    I don't know...

    I'm convinced that it is not all their fault. That excuse is just something convenient for me to validate my own indifference. If I was a partiot, what do I patrionze. A flag....a government...or my people? If my people starve in the street, and I walk by, am I a patriot or did I desert my fellow citizens?

    How do I help? Giving money to them doesn't help them, it only alleviates the problem while producing another. It takes from me to give to another. ...
  3. 3 dead, 7 hurt when gunman opens fire in Louisiana movie theater

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    I live in Chicago. Most deaths and murders on the southside are not caused by drugs. It's just gangs "protecting their turf". Or some stupid stuff like a rapper called another rapper a name on facebook. Stupid stuff like that. If you don't believe me, just look at crime section of the
    The drug culture does feed into the gang culture, but you are correct, most of the thug behavior in the Black communities of the inner cities, comes from people thinking


    I will be doing monthly updates from now until election day. These predictions are dynamic and will change month to month. But they will let you know where things stand at the moment.

    Currently there are 54 Republicans and 46 Democrats in the Current Senate.

    Safe Democratic seats 8: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Washington. The Democrats have two ...
  5. Quick Slice: Life and Death in the USA

    In the US, about 4 million people are born every year. However, this number keeps declining bit by bit per year. The reasons for this are associated to many things but their is no definitive reason for this... Keep that in mind.

    On the flip side, the top ten leading causes of death in the US kill about 1,870,000 people per year. This number keeps rising. The reasons for this are numerous...

    Quick math will show that for every two people born, one will die in the US.

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  6. Hrmm...

    I say.... Hrmmmm...

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  7. I firmly believe

    That most racism is spawned out of jealousy.

    Especially when it comes to the forum favorites, that being those who live to hate blacks.

    Why is it white nationalists and their fluffers hate blacks so much?

    My only conclusion is that they are utter failures, keyboard jockeys masturbating furiously for each other day in, day out.

    Ever known any of these anti black racists to have other "political
    "interests"? of course ...
  8. UCLA provides internship opportunities to illegal immigrants

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    That is blllshht! The jobs should go to a white male, LIKE ME or people that LOOK LIKE ME! I'm not joking! No, it shouldn't be all whites or all males, that part I am joking, but YES, it should go to ALL PROVEN CITIZENS.
    Why do think it is all white conservatives complaining about you see multilple protest of Asians, blacks other races protesting.
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