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  1. Calling out a poster on their use of weasel words, the second time in a week

    This needs to be said before I dismantle your 'religion' enterprise.

    None of it is personal. I'd like to believe we could even be actual friends once this commences.

    We both do this for entertainment. That's no secret. If you want to believe you're doing something important, then you should be aware that what you present here when you post looks more like a portrayal of a character than an individual with a purpose. If you're being 100% legitimate that you're on some ...
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  2. Brexit Is Really a Vote Against Washington Control Over Europe

    Quote Originally Posted by Zorro View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by US Conservative View Post
    After the Orlando terrorist attack Hillary Clinton went into a modified sub surface communication status called “radio infrequent”. Tenuous times require those who communicate via poll-tested and political wind-driven soundbites to move carefully amid unfamiliar terrain.

    Now, as predicted, after the “anti-globalist” Brexit result, Hillary Clinton goes further into the status of “radio-silent”. Full Stop (stay quiet, stay deep), and stay away from visibility until the consultants
  3. Stairway to heaven

    Stairway to heaven I walked to work past the Space Museum and caught the eye of such a perspective.

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  4. "Which is it?" Rightwing Doublethink Pt. 1- Illegal Immigrants-

    Quote Originally Posted by Gorn Captain View Post
    A visual aid-

    I used to work for a guy who refused to hire Caucasians. He said they were lazy, and if they were displeased with you, they sue.

    I am not sure how bigoted that is.
  5. Cargo cilt in russia

    Now I will write a lot. And so, perhaps, through the electronic translator is not very clear

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As far as I know, the US is often customary to drink alcohol in public places by wrapping it in paper or by placing in the package. As I understand it, this is due to the fact that the package — private property. Search person police without a warrant cannot. Therefore, there is no evidence that the person consumes alcohol.

    In ...

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  6. Actual ad published to sell machine guns

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Wolfe View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_yvr View Post
    How is this a current event?
    I figure all of us posting want to write something before the thread lock.

    Quote Originally Posted by PARTIZAN1 View Post
    It does not matter who your intended target of your ad sees I the image as the bad guys be it Indians, Mexicans, Rebel horse thieves, or Gay Cowboys your aim (get it aim) us to sell your product which will protect your family, you, and your property from any gang of bad guys.
    The gay cowboys won't hurt you, but they WILL redecorate your ranch and
  7. Democrats and Repbulicans both Abandon Middle Class

    Traditionally, Republicans have been regarded as the party of big business, and Democrats as the party of the middle and working classes. This certainly seemed true when Franklin Roosevelt took over the presidency from Herbert Hoover, but is it true today? An increasing number of thinkers say it is not.

    Take a look at our presidential candidates. If discard the Libertarian Party, whose presidential candidate usually garners a few percent of the vote at most, we are faced with ...
  8. Chancellor: Why i have voted for Brexit

    The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.(*)

    On June 23, Britain votes on whether to remain in the European Union. Being out of the country on that date, I applied for a postal vote. I have marked my ballot paper, with a certain trepidation, in favour of leaving the EU, or Brexit. At first I worried this vote conflicted with my cosmopolitan ...
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