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  1. Swedish Looney Report

    If there is one thing Sweden really loves, it would be taxation. On Tuesday (September 6th) this fact demonstrated itself in the most emblematic manner- a young woman participated in a lottery and won the highest price; an apartment worth 1,2 million SEK. Now the Tax Agency demands 50% as income-tax.

    The young lady participated in a competition arranged by radio-channel NRJ where the task was to write a slogan for a real estate agency. The real estate agency would then reward the ...
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  2. Why I am not a Socialist

    Socialism is set by default to fail and to result in not only totalitarian tyranny, but also in famine, misery and even cannibalism. No matter if the system is implemented in a region, a country or a larger union it will never succeed. Socialism lacks economic understanding and respect for individual freedom. In the past we have seen Soviet and more recently, Venezuela. And now, just take a look at what is happening with the Socialist EU-experiment in Europe; it is - as always - bringing chaos and ...

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  3. Why I am not a Feminist

    Feminism is a deluded paradox that lacks both consistency and touch with reality; it wants to create freedom by using force and it wants to fight sexism, objectification and generalisation with the tools of sexism, objectification and generalisation. It is just as oxymoronic as it sounds.

    First and foremost, I am not a Feminist because I have a very hard time sympathising with a movement that bases its whole existence on physical attributes. I simply cannot associate with a movement ...
  4. Why I am not a Nationalist

    Nationalism is an ideology buildt on empty words and forced inclusion. The concept of the "nation" is used as nothing more than as a raison d'tre for the state; the new, artifical, made-up unity is called a "nation state" and to be accepted and recognised it attributes the "nation" with - almost - godlike, divine powers and coats it all with a cute skogan like, "one flag, one people!"

    Its behavior is rather despiseful; violence and force is ...

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