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It makes my nipples tingle.

  1. Trump: Paris Hilton Was Hot At 12, I Watched Her Sex Tape With Melania

    For starters, this article is from July of this year, so let's put it into perspective.

    Now, when most folks were sleeping Trump was up and tweeting about Alicia Michado and her fictional sex tape. Disgusting I believe he called it.

    Yet a scant few months ago he said some things that indicate that perhaps sex tapes are not disgusting.

    Notably, he said when he first saw Paris Hilton when she was 12 her found her to be beautiful. Fair enough. Odd, but ...
  2. Trump Tweeted at 5:30 a.m. About Alicia Machado's Alleged "Sex Tape"

    Let's put this into perspective.

    The guy running for president of the United States, a position that is arguably the most powerful and influential political office in the world, as a candidate for a conservative party that touts it's moral character amongst other traits, has told people to go watch the sex tape of the 1996 (2 years ago )Miss Universe in order to justify his racist and misogynistic comments from her time as Miss Universe.

    In my wise opinion, ...
  3. Trump and allies digging into attacks on beauty queen Read more: http://www.politico

    We have what, 6 weeks until the election?>

    And this is what Trump is doing with his time.

    Running for the presidency,the leader of the free world, he is spending time trying to justify stupid and sexist comments he made years ago.

    Doe she not have policy to attempt to discuss? A killer app for "making America Great" to dream up?

    Instead, going on about how a former contestant gained weight and that is why he allegedly called ...
  4. Donald Trump Jr compares Syrian refugees to Skittles


    What "Syrian refugee" problem is the Trump surrogate referring to?

    I assume this is in response to the bombings in New York, performed by an American that was not of Syrian origin.

    Is the Trump campaign so profoundly unaware of the various views, nations, and religious sects of the Middle East that they confuse such things?

    Donald Trump Jr compares ...
  5. Trump lashes out at Cosmopolitan reporter who dared to ask Ivanka Trump questions

    I am not shock nor amazed that Trump's reaction to one of his surrogates patently failing to explain his misogynistic historical comments is met with his insults.

    Really Donald? Are all the reporters you encounter simply stupid, foolish, or working for failed publications?

    At what point does Trump accept some responsibility for his campaign's patent inability to deliver any sort of message instead of blaming folks who dare ask the question? ...
  6. Drudge Report Boosts InfoWars Story Claiming Clinton Was Wearing Earpiece During Town

    Indeed, it appears some actor tweeted something, and the right wing blogosphere is going nuts about a claim that is not true.

    As we have all heard, or maybe not, there is a photo showing a glare of sorts in Clinton's ear at the town hall event.

    A single photo, and folks believe it was an earpiece. Note every other photo that shows the same ear doe snot show any earpiece, but facts be darned when one can impugn based on tweets.

    After all, Drudge and Infowars ...
  7. Leaked Script Shows What Advisers Want Donald Trump to Say at Black Church


    It appears that part of Trump's outreach to African Americans is a heavily scripted, taped interview where he already knew the questions and his team wrote the answers for him.

    Cutting edge, stern jawed leadership right there, demonstrating quick thinking and a deep knowledge of the issues.

    DETROIT ó Donald J. Trumpís visit ...
  8. Donald Trump will go to Detroit church but he won't be speaking there

    Wow. That is some outreach to African American voters.

    Not speaking, but simply attending church for a day.

    Oh, and a private interview that will be delayed for a week from the public. Almost makes me think this outreach is nothing more than a hollow publicity stunt.

    Donald Trump is scheduled to visit a predominantly black church in Detroit this weekend, ...
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