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  1. Default ANNIVERSARY of JAI

    Japanese American Internment

    On this day in 1942 FDR ordered about 110,000 Japanese Americans to be rounded up and put in concentration camps.
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    Oddly enough I saw something the other evening on cable about this. It was kind of schizophrenic, because a year later, they were recruiting the younger men from the camps who could speak Japanese into the US Army!
    At some point, the inmates were told to sign a loyalty form, one question required them to renounce their allegiance to the Emperor. The Japanese born were reluctant, because as they hadn't been allowed to become American, should they sign they would make themselves stateless, and the American born, having never sworn allegiance, suspected that renouncing an oath they had never made would be seen as an admission of disloyalty.
    All who refused were uprooted from family and friends to another camp as "suspect".
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