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Thread: The mess that is Michigan's proposed anti-bullying law...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corfieldb View Post

    With friends like you, who needs enemies? (Or, how to totally (*)(*)(*)(*) up anti-bullying legislation)

    The State of Michigan is trying to come up their version of an anti-bullying law. Named in honor of 14 year old Matt Epling who committed suicide after being bullied over a period of time by other kids. Michigan is one only three States left in the Country that don't have an anti-bullying law in place.

    Its certainly right of them to address this issue seriously. State Democrats have tried in vain for ten years to enact some anti-bullying legislation, only to be met with opposition by their Republican counterparts. Not to mention some social conservatives who have expressed a concern that making special laws for those being bullied was a "Trojan Horse" or a sham to simply advance the "homosexual agenda."

    It seems as the calendar turned to November, the Michigan Senate was prepared to act. The Bill, Michigan SB 0137, was basically intact and ready for a vote. Ironically, SB 0137 was a Republican Bill, sponsored by Rick Jones. In the GOP controlled Michigan Senate, it seemed the right language had been found. The name of the Bill?

    "Matt's Safe School Law"

    Then shortly before the final vote on this, at the eleventh hour, new language was added to the Bill by Republicans. The new part reads as follows:


    Once this new section became public, Matt's Father, Kevin Epling wrote a letter...

    To continue, click here...
    Bigotry can only be condoned and encouraged by religion.

    In all other walks of life, such bigotry is inexcusable.
    There is no love in Fear.

    Feminism is pretty much an all whites club pretending to be concerned with equal rights of racial minorities.

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    If your kids are being bullied, send them to school with tasers. Problem solved.

    Also, can we get a law specifically prohibiting laws from being named after dead people? I'm sick of all this "so-and-so's law" legislation.
    I will knit you a nice S.T.F.U.
    The world needs more philosophy majors working at Starbucks.
    - Up on the Governor

    If you teach a man to fish, he may eat for a lifetime. Unless he hates to eat fish. Then you will have just wasted his time.
    - Demand Euphoria

  3. Default Michigan Senate Does the Right Thing Re: Anti-Bullying Law...


    Michigan Senate Does the Right Thing Re: Anti-Bullying Law...

    The good people in the Michigan State Senate have agreed to drop their anti-bullying Bill and adopt the House version. I wrote back on November 11th, 2011 about this. The controversy was the Republican controlled Senate's version which included language that some called a "license to bully." The phrase "sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction" was interpreted by some as problematic, to the point of possibly permitting some harassment by teachers and/or students.

    As I said then, I think both Parties played politics with this, which is pitiful. I suspect the American Family Association of Michigan will not be pleased, but overall, a good thing has been done.

    "Matt's Safe School Law" will now proceed to the Governor Rick Snyder's desk for signature.

    Read more here...
    Bill in Dayton

    (Follow me at http://reasonableconversation.blogspot.com/ )

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    The government should not have to pass any law regarding anti-bullying, especially since 99% of the people that will be prosecuted or effected by that law are under the age 18. And on this point, I think it is a violation of the Bill of Rights, if someone wants to call someone else a name, then they should be able to do that. If it's a child, then it is the responsibility of the child's PARENT or TEACHER to discipline that child and make sure he understands it's not acceptable. Note, it's not the responsibility of the government.

    It's these types of laws are leading us closer and closer to fascism... how long before we can't say anything bad about other people's religions, political views, or ability to play sports? Do we really want to become the kind of world where if we don't have anything nice to say, we can't say anything at all?

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    One of the easiest ways to end bullying is to hold the teachers and staff members accountable for not stopping it. I read a story in the Indianapolis Star a few weeks back about a young man who commited suicide after years of prolonged bullying. Apparently, the schools' staff knew about it and did nothng.

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    No one should be surprised that republicans are pro bullying

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    Thumbs up anti-bullying

    Schools need to take the issue of bullying seriously. Stop thinking of it as simply meeting a criteria or another legislative overreaching demand. Creating an atmosphere of safety and zero tolerance, where bullying is simply understood as unacceptable, is critical to the long lasting change and ensuring youth security and well being. Assemblies with staff will not accomplish this. It’s about culture change.

  8. Default anti-bullying

    Mental Dissonance and also Hypocrisy
    There's a mental health theory named Mental Dissonance, proposed simply by Leon Festinger with 1957, which usually posits men and women are unable to accept contradictions in their cognitions, as well as views. So what on earth we do can be perform psychological manipulations that slow up the soreness of those inside contradictions. With ordinary words, most of us training hypocrisy. Yes, many of us are hypocrites, nevertheless many of us don’t comprehend it. I would not leave out myself personally with this group. My spouse and i, too, am some sort of hypocrite; you can observe my own hypocrisy better than this, just like I can see your hypocrisy better than the thing is that the item.
    When it comes to hypocrisy, anti-bully mindset flies off of the maps. But, due to cognitive dissonance theory, no one appears to be alert to this particular hypocrisy. “School bullying” is very much the lowest amount of marked by controversy cultural issue in the good humankind. Anyone within the whole politics selection, coming from much directly to way left, considers this can be a good thing for educational institutions to have anti-bully plans. Each and every contest along with religious beliefs has got on the anti-bully group. The only real content you'll find wherever of which concern the value of anti-bully software programs usually are composed by yours truly. Brian Johnson, a new Canadian psycho therapist, conducted any meta analysis of the study on total classes anti-bullying applications. This individual found out that 86% in the printed reports indicated that this system had no benefit at all or built the problem more painful. Nevertheless he or she seemingly could hardly feel his very own studies, in addition to reduced his or her intellectual dissonance through advising several logic behind why educational facilities should continue most of these plans regardless of the medical evidence of their own spoiled course files.

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    Mental Dissonance along with Hypocrisy
    There exists a mental principle known as Cognitive Dissonance, offered by means of Leon Festinger inside 1956, which posits that individuals can not endure contradictions in their cognitions, or perhaps views. Just what exactly we all do can be accomplish emotional manipulations which lessen the pain of the interior contradictions. Throughout everyday vocabulary, all of us training hypocrisy. Of course, many of us are hypocrites, nevertheless all of us don’t realize it. I wouldn't don't include me personally out of this category. I, also, am a new hypocrite; you will notice the hypocrisy a lot better than that, just like I noticed your current hypocrisy superior to the thing is the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    Bigotry can only be condoned and encouraged by religion.

    In all other walks of life, such bigotry is inexcusable.
    Yes. It seems that DEHUMANIZING (at least verbally) others using "religion" is acceptable.

    Eventually, some kid is going to lose it in the biggest way(s)... and the ensuing "tragedy" WILL likely spawn serious legislation and be talked about for decades.

    Religion is fine, when it's not used to violate others' individual rights and to dehumanize.
    VOTE BLUE in 2016 (and for at least a generation, thereafter)!!!

    "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science." -C. Darwin-

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