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Thread: What is Obama Talking About…?

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    Oh and you will note ladies and gents, Obama, nor his liberal cronies can point to a single instance in American law, where Congress was granted the authority by the Constitution, or the States, or the People, to mandate by force and penalty of law, that private citizen A, must buy a product good or service from private citizen B.

    So much for Obama's "precedent".

    While lying and simply making things up, in order to create precedent's, might be how these liberals desire for things to work in liberal chutes and ladders.

    Lying to create and simply make legal precedent up, to suit one's own political viewpoint, doesn't count in a real court, in the real world where FACTS not made up liberal lies are what decides "precedent".
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickT View Post
    This is the part I found fascinating, "If the Supreme Court does not follow existing law and precedent, then we'll have to manage that when it happens."

    Ah, manage it? I wonder what our President who believes the Constitution is a seriously flawed document means? The people on the left won't even try to pass a Constitutional Amendment because they knoew the people don't support them and they don't care.
    When Obama says he will have to "manage that when it happens" he does not mean drop the then violation of the Constitution (Obamacare). He means he will find another way of implementing his unrestrained power grab.

    tyr•an•ny   /ˈtɪrəni/ Show Spelled[tir-uh-nee]
    noun, plural -nies.
    1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
    2. the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler

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    "And lord I can't make any changes
    All I can do is write em in a song"

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    I want an Obama Supporter, a general Leftist to explain what "then we'll have to manage that when it happens" means...
    "And lord I can't make any changes
    All I can do is write em in a song"

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    He doesn't like the Constitution. Another reason he's wrong for the job.

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