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Thread: Hamas Announces It Is Now In "Open War" With Israel

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    dontchu worry.

    When obama gets back from vacation, hes gonna take care of this.

    I am jack's righteous indignation....

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wyrd of Gawd View Post
    It's good to know that the Palestinians have such support. Those war criminal Israelis are a menace to humanity. They are constantly attacking their neighbors.
    Or are you Herr Esser?

    Background: Hermann Esser was one Hitler’s early followers, and second perhaps only to Julius Streicher in crude Jew-baiting. The opening chapter of his 1939 book The Jewish World Plague gives a good example of his style. He finished this edition of the book in January 1939, two months after the anti-Semitic violence of 9 November 1938. Esser feels no sympathy. He suggests the Jews only got what they deserved. The rest of the book continues along similar lines. This is tough material to translate in a way that conveys the style of the original. The book was first published before 1933.

    The source:
    Hermann Esser, Die jüdische Weltpest (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1939), pp. 9-12.

    The Jewish World Plague

    by Hermann Esser

    The treacherous murder of the young German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in the office of the German embassy in Paris on 7 November 1938 by a 17-year-old Jew named Herschel Grünspan is rightly viewed by the entire German people as a contemptible sneaky attack on Adolf Hitler’s new Greater Germany. Eighty million people were touched in the depth of their being; justified outrage erupted. According to their own figures, the Jews, who had been living very well among the German people for centuries, were worth a total of 8 billion marks. When the Reich government required them to pay a penalty of a billion marks, the Jewish-democratic world press howled as if Jews in National Socialist Germany were starving and going to the dogs.

    Each German reads with fury what foreign journalists, paid by and working for Jewish money, write about Germany’s domestic affairs. Still, one is surprised that even today one occasionally finds citizens who feel sorry about the money the Jews had to pay, and who in their pubs or family conversations speak about the “poor Jews.” These attitudes prove that, despite constant National Socialist education about the Jewish world plague, there remains much to be done, particularly among the “intellectuals.”

    The knowledge of the Jew must be brought to every attic and every corner of Greater Germany, the knowledge that the Jew was a world plague from the beginning, remained so for millennia, and will forever remain one.

    Each Jew individually, and Jewry as a whole, is without a home. Jewry undermines every people and every state that it infiltrates. It feeds as a parasite and a culture-killing worm in the host people. It grows and grows like weeds in the state, the community, and the family and infests the blood of humanity everywhere.
    In brief, that is the pestilential nature of Jewry, against which every people, every state, every nation must, should, and wants to defend itself if it does not want to be the victim of this bloody plague.

    Wherever Jewry has appeared, it has never built anything. It has always and everywhere destroyed or torn down, sucking others dry to fill itself. From the days of the Romans to our day, Jewry in every century, in every people, was and remained a foreign body, a destroyer of real and ideal values, a denier of any upward progress, a plague for body and soul. It sneaks in through deceit and treachery, trickery and slyness, murder and assault, understanding how to establish itself.

    Throughout history the poets and philosophers, the leaders of industry and science, the leading lights of art and culture, statesmen and economists whose blood was not infected by the Jews, have warned against the Jew in every century. They proclaimed openly and clearly what he is: the plague. From Tacitus to Schopenauer, from Giordano Bruno to Mommsen and Treitscke, the intellectual heroes of every age have called the Jew the demon of decay, the ferment of decomposition, as the misfortune of the peoples or of humanity. In the New Testament, the Jews were in Christ’s words the “sons of the Devil.”

    Jewry is the embodiment of materialism, the epitome of sensuality, of greed, of dishonesty, of selfishness, of heartlessness, and the lust for power.
    Over the centuries, Jewry has infiltrated every nation and every people, committing with crime after crime. Today it is on top, tomorrow at the bottom, without honor or a sense of honor. It has but one thing: a greedy lust for possession and power, for fame, for suppressing and enslaving the surrounding world. The cultured peoples, both today and in the past, create and build, proving their worth as the creators and advancers of culture. Jewry was and remains only the corrupter and destroyer of culture.

    Everything healthy and great is rooted only in the national. The foundation of a state and the fundamentals of a culture can only be national. Jewry can never be great, can never create culture, for it is not a people, but rather only a corrupt mixture of inferior desert tribes with no national life or longing, with no proud and famous past.

    Jewry has always lived from day to day, not from labor but amassing earthy treasures as its first goal. Even Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob received this revelation upon leaving Egypt:
    “I shall lead you to the land of your fathers and give you large and beautiful cities that you did not build, and houses full of things that you did not gather, and fallen trees that you did not cut, vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant, and you will eat and be satisfied (Deuteronomy 6:10ff.)

    Just as the Jews conquered their “Promised” Land, so it has been with the Jews over the years down to this very day. They come as “foreigners,” as “beggars,” slinking and groveling, with false humility and dishonest respect. Once they have swindled their way to something, they become thieves and bloodsuckers, either openly or in secret. They turn into thieving and murderous Bolshevist hordes for their host peoples. That happens everywhere.

    Jewry has shown itself to be the thief of the material possessions of the host peoples, as a destroyer of culture and as a parasite everywhere and in every way from the dim past through the present day. The double face of Judah grins through the millennia.

    The Jew bewitches and exploits the gullible, the ignorant, the trusting. He reserves for himself all the advantages of Mammon and capitalism, wealth and treasures, all the joys and pleasures of life. Yet for 3,000 years the Jew has complained about oppression and persecution, about hatred and prejudice against him. But the Jewry has gathered and swindled the world’s money. The Jews are so oppressed and enslaved that around 17 million of them have gathered about 200 billion marks.

    One can hardly speak and write about “poor” Jews.

    The history of every age and nation proves, page by page and chapter by chapter, that Jewry always and everywhere has been a homeless racial mish-mash, a world plague. It has remained a world plague to this day and will remain a world plague for all eternity. That is its “chosenness” from all the peoples of the earth, a “chosenness” of destructive pestilence for the world and for mankind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac-7 View Post
    Don't misunderstand.

    I think that Obama worships Obama.

    He attended the Christian church in Chicago only for the political advantages it gave him.

    But like many modern libs Obama sees Islam as a way to destroy the white, Christian West that so many liberals despise.
    Please allow me to make a correction here.

    That cultic church the O-Traitor attended in Chitown is not Christian at all.

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    I thought we were talking about Obama, what motivates him and why many Americans think he is a closet Muslim.
    Quote Originally Posted by BestViewedWithCable View Post
    Cause he was raised as a muslim in his early childhood in Indonesia....

    Even rev wright said he wasnt able to convert obama.
    Wright couldn't convert the O-Traitor because Wright is not Christian either. He belongs to a cult that fuses black muslim beliefs with the false teachings of black liberation theology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxcutter View Post
    If they admit they are at war with Israel, is it reasonable to expect no casualties?
    Especially when they use their children as shields.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BestViewedWithCable View Post
    dontchu worry.

    When obama gets back from vacation, hes gonna take care of this.
    Unless a black mamba gets him first.

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    100 Palestinians murdered by Israel, all named here including women children and babies.


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    Then they shouldn't hide behind them as shields.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deputy Dawg View Post
    100 Palestinians murdered by Israel, all named here including women children and babies.

    Selective outrage duly noted.
    Sweet schadenfreude...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talon View Post
    Selective outrage duly noted.
    No compassion for dead Palestinian babies duly noted.

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