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Thread: MSM Gun Law Violation

  1. Default MSM Gun Law Violation

    Looks like an NBC stooge better retain counsel.



    “If it turns out the magazine was in violation of D.C. law, the fact that NBC News was warned by the D.C. Police not to use the magazine puts a whole new light on the incident, turning it into an intentional violation of the law. While the law does not require intent, the existence of intent could influence a decision whether or not to prosecute.”

    That which applies to Joe Average Citizen should equally apply to the MSM.
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    Well DC police are in charge free speech right ?

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    Brandishing a firearm is not free speech. Apparently the DC law treats parts of firearms the same as complete firearms.
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    Is it different when the perp is a member of the MSM than when its Jamal down the street?
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    Bad news, Dave.

    What you did was a clear violation of the law. Even the screeching liberalsd at politico.com notice.


    “Asked whether it would be legal to show a magazine without bullets, Metcalf replied: "It'd still be illegal."

    A law professor says if David Gregory were not David Gregory, he’d already be in jail. A soldier returning from Afghanistan was jailed under this law.


    Taxcutter says:
    Maybe NBC News should move their DC-area studios to Harper’s Ferry. How far does “special treatment” go?
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    Gregory touched the 30 round "One Ring" and has been corrupted by it's evil. Cast him out. LOL!!!

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