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Thread: Adam Lanza never even used an AR15 or any rifle inside Sandy Hook!!!!

  1. Default Adam Lanza never even used an AR15 or any rifle inside Sandy Hook!!!!

    Not a conspiracy theory, just reporting the news from a liberal source.............


    So there ya have it libs, the big black scary looking rifle wasnt even used in the Sandy Hook mass shooting as it was 4 hand guns that Lanza used to carry out his deed. Now the 2 worst mass shootings we done by handguns, yet i doubt that will change your mind about the scary looking cool named rifles you want to ban and pretend is the problem.

    also noted that a background check kept Adam from purchasing another rifle, so whats this about background checks not working????

    This seriously hurts the anti gun nuts whole argument about black scary rifles, considering they based their whole argument on this event and the lie that Adam used an "assault" rifle.

    so what say you libs?

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    that is a old Dec 15 tape, here is so much conflicting info on that incident I think we will ever get the complete truth

    2 days later


    3 days later

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    Was this video squashed? dates mentioned are all in December....

    and where are the autopsy reports confirming the type of rounds?

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    i have seen nothing to argue the facts.

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    No AR-15 at Sandy Hook and the whole case against semi-automatic rifles collapses.

    A gun in the trunk is pretty harmless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxcutter View Post
    No AR-15 at Sandy Hook and the whole case against semi-automatic rifles collapses.

    A gun in the trunk is pretty harmless.
    Were are the autopsy reports confirming a .223/5.56mm AR15 round?

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    The cat is out of the bag. Adam Lanza DID NOT use a AR-15 at Sandy Hook.


    And since Lanza did not use an AR-15 at Sandy Hook, what case is there for a ban on semi-automatic rifles?

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    Wow, the chorus of idiots trotting out this Dec. 15th video claiming it to be evidence is getting tired.

    He used an AR-15...it was CLEARLY a shotgun being removed from the trunk of his vehicle.

    The media did not even get the shooters name right on Dec. 15th and you are going to take this video as evidence he did not use an AR-15?

    Get real.
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    The Kindergartners and thier teachers were executed with (4) 9mm & 10mm handguns ... yeah ok ... parents of the children executed with semi-auto handguns should make them feel beter ...

    How come LaPierre didn't rant about this day before yesterday and stuck with AR-15's ?

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    Personally I'm having a hard time understanding the Motive of Adam
    Lanza.Motive is basically THE key instrument in any Perry Mason.
    I also find it physically exhausting for a lone shooter to get off so
    many rounds.Why is there no audio of the noise all those rounds would
    have made.How about the Surveillance camera that was onsite and new.
    Just put up with uprgades to the school in September.
    Why no casualities except one person.Then place was put in
    lockdown and no pics available.The parking lot was also clogged,
    not allowing for any movement of Ambulance.Was there just One
    ambulance,and it was way down the road.
    Not a tear was shed by any parent in the waning hours and days.
    In fact we have interviews showing some parents SMILING.
    Why was the decision made to have every family with a victim
    have a police officer at their home.Probably to keep from any
    outside influence to find out about specifics.To manage all aspects
    of what went down.
    I think Sandy Hook was managed.It was a controlled event.
    How come no mention or interest in the 2 suspects that were chased
    down and then let go.One wearing camoflauge pants and dark clothes.
    Or the witness who said there were 2 nuns at the school earlier that morning.
    And then someone saying the nuns could be seen wearing some sort
    of professional boots { like what Police/military use }.

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