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Thread: MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Member Debates (Input needed)

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  1. Exclamation MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Member Debates (Input needed)

    Hello all,

    I hope those of you that celebrate the 4th of July enjoyed yourselves this weekend. Hopefully there weren't any firework accidents similar to my neighbor (eesh).

    Anyway, in a continued effort to encourage civil discourse here at political forum... we the moderation panel have been throwing around some ideas, one of which includes constructed & judged debates that will showcase the forum for a specific amount of time. In order to ensure we're all on the same page, I'd like to share with you some ideas we've come up with while giving you the opportunity to contribute to what we hope could be a trend-setting practice on political discussion outlets. So let's begin:

    1. To keep things in perspective and to avoid missed requests, one idea is to let the moderators choose a topic and announce it for one member (from each stance) to accept. Some examples of topics include (but are not limited to):

    • Abortion
    • Taxes
    • Gay Marriage
    • Drug Legalization
    • Government spending
    • Current/Past Wars
    • Health Care
    • Torture
    • Job Creation & Economy
    • Gun Rights
    • Conspiracy Theory (9-11/Birth Certificate legitimacy)

    Anyone that does not accept a debate challenge may not participate in the thread while a debate is in play (and will be immediately banned from the thread without warning).

    Agree or disagree? Please explain.

    2. To allow for adequate time to make arguments & respond, members are given 5 days to participate in the topics they accept. Members are encouraged to only accept challenges if they can participate, and all responses must include personal stance on the issue (in order to avoid retort-only debates). Once time is up, judging will begin.

    Agree or disagree? Please explain.

    3. In order to ensure bias doesn't come into play, one idea is to disallow public poll opinion and favor pre-designated judges that are approved by the debating participants. The judges may be PF members or members from the moderator/advisor staff. All in all, judges must understand that their votes are not issued according to what position he/she personally agrees with. Instead, the judges decision will go to who made the best argument to support their position. Once judging is complete, the thread will be moved to the appropriate section and open for all members to continue the discussion.

    Those interested in being judges may indicate intentions here

    Agree or disagree? Please explain.

    This is a very raw look at something we'd like to fine tune, and we believe we can reach that goal with some input from you. Please take some time to think about this and your ideas. Thanks...

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