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Thread: Bernanke has "finger on trigger" for new bond buys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anders Hoveland View Post
    Despite widespread opinion to the contrary, central banks do not really have the ability to "improve" the economy.

    The Federal Reserve HAS NO CONTROL OVER INTEREST RATES !!! (besides from further devaluing the currency)
    This is utterly false.

    The Fed directly controls the discount rate and indirectly controls the Federal Funds Rate.

    Make NO mistake...if the Fed wants interest rates to go up or down badly enough...THEY GO UP OR DOWN.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DA60 View Post
    'The Federal Reserve has moved closer to embarking on a new round of its controversial money-pumping after the central bank and its chairman Ben Bernanke highlighted a grim outlook for the U.S. economy.

    Bernanke on Wednesday opened the door a bit wider for the Fed to return to buying securities in the months ahead to buttress a weak recovery and keep inflation from slipping too far below its newly adopted 2-percent target.

    "It sounds like the finger is on the trigger," said Thomas Simons, a money market economist at Jefferies & Co.

    The Fed's announcement that it was unlikely to raise interest rates until at least late 2014, more than a year beyond its previous guidance, immediately pushed down Treasury bond yields and Bernanke's comments to the media raised expectations of a further round of so-called quantitative easing, or QE3.'

    Bernacke has no choice and he knows it......its either QE 3 or the system implodes as it did in 2008!

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