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Thread: Should we stop funding Liberal Arts Education with public dollars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiseAgainst View Post
    His policies aren't going to eliminate art in florida. Just won't fund college degrees that won't produce jobs in his state.
    Sounds like a good policy. Ever here of vocational tech schools?

    Private art schools is a great way to ween educators and their cling-ons of administration off taxpayer cheese, and make it easier for them to "create", and improve thier condition and education systems that they so very often complain about. By getting these Art educators off the taxpayers backs, the State can pull itself out of debt, and create new buisness enterprise for art schools. Hence increased tax revenue.

    Then those private art schools can decide if they want Unionization. Which again will allow the educators the freedom of developing their own management and profit off their reputation.

    It is a win win for the entire State. It will save the State billions in tax expense. And will save billions in the short term, while increasing State tax revenue in the short and long term.

    Brilliant Idea.
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