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Thread: Romney wins or equals Obama in all Latest Four Polls (including Nov. 4) !!!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloak View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Cluster
    .... Apparently someone is afraid of the Truth, and playing gross MANIPULATION games with the People, at the eve of US Presidential Election !

    Here are the main Facts :.....

    Don't worry buddy, you wont have to buy anymore tin foil (sic !) in about 12 hours.

    Why Cloak ? Do you mean that "Mr. Catastrophes"/Obama threatens to definitively Destroy the US Economy and/or impose a Total Dictatorship against political dissidents ?

    Meanwhile, even during these crucial "12 Hours" of the Voting Day, as you said, Scandalous CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS in grossly Manipulative Preudo-"Polls", alone to boast with pro-Obama, obviously Exagerated Claims, persist dangerously, (f.ex. at RCP's website, etc), provoking False Impressions to the People, and pushing aside all converging Conclusions of all Mainstream, independent, serious and experiences, well-known Political Polls' Organizations, (who, on the contrary, Augment even Today, their Prognostics of either a Romney Win, or a "Tie") :

    Indeed, even TODAY (Nov. 6), Another Shady Pseudo"Pollster" from the Genetic Manipulations' Medical Big Business Lobby, with obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST, makes Exagerated Propaganda for Obama at RCP's website on Polls' Average, candalously Disfiguring all Mainstream, well known, Independent political Polls' Organizations' unanimous Conclusions that, on the contrary, Romney either Wins against Obama, or has a "tie" (see above) !

    Facts :

    - Also for November 5, another +2 Mainstream Polls' organizations again found that Romney either wins against Obama with a clear + 1% margin, or has at least a "Tie", (see Rasmussen and Politico new polls).

    + This is added to another +4 earlier mainstream political Polls' Organizations, (Opinion Research, Braun, Rasmussen and Gallup), who had already concluded, for the period including Nov. 4, that, indeed, Romney either wins or has a tie, (See our previously published post).

    Against this Unanimity of SIX (6) mainstream, independent political Polls' Organizations, it's anew only one (1) differend, marginal, shady and bizarre outsider, who, suddenly, interefers on Nov. 5, claiming that, on the Contrary, that Obama would be winning and even at an obviously exagerated, wider margin...

    But, (as we've already found, revealed and denounced for in a similar, "lonely", shady exception of another such marginal and suspect pseudo-"Pollster" who had interfered, at the last minute, by being ALONE to claim that Obama would have an obviously exagerated Score, Contary to the findings of all other, mainstream Pollsters, for the period including Nov. 4, : See above),

    in fact, also this, Nov. 5, shady "Exception" (the ONLY ONE with pro-Obama claims), after Enquiry, appears to be another Scandalous attempt to grossly Manipulate the People, even the same Day of Crucial Nov. 6, 2012 US Presidential Election, by obviously Exagerated and/or False Claims,

    from a Marginal Outsider, who (once again), depends from a Lobby linked to Obama's controversial "HealthCare Reform" and decision to waste Federal Funds for unethical Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, dangerous for all Humankind, which were recently proved to be also counter-productive and even useless, at least for Human Health, (Comp. Facts already cited previously, above), which reveal another blatant CONFLICT OF INTERESTS :

    That obscure "IBD - TIPP" (sic !) isolated pro-Obama Poll, is linked to a strange Website with Adds selling relations to some Asian "Ladies" from Hong Kong, etc., who are presented as "Never Married" or even "Divorced" (See Screenshots !),...

    and is controlled by a so-called "TechnoMetrica" outlet, founded and directed by a Mr. RAGHAVAN MAYUR, who boasts to hold a Bachellor degree from .. "Pilani, INDIA" (who knows where is that ?) dated from 1980, to which he added, ...... Seven (7) Years later, a Masters "in Environmental engineering" at New Jersey (famous Host of many Human Embryos and other Genetic Data "Banks" and Lobbies !), who had been Paid, in the Past, for a Job as ..."BIO-statistician with the university of MEDICINE and DENTISTRY (sic !) of New Jersey", and is proud of his "contributions in the MEDICAL area", f.ex. "in Clinical INFECTIOUS DISEASES" (similar to the ...Obama-Scare Deadly 2009 VIRUS Epidemics, which spread from a California Labo to Mexico, etc), as he claims himself, and seems alone to work with a certain Miss "Sherlock" (without "Holms"..), boasting to hold a Master (always from New Jersey ; see above) on "PSYCHOLOGY", with TIPP's "Clients" being f.ex. a Bio-Medical Lobby as "Abbot Laboratories", No 1 in their list, (whose CEO describes as "a Multi-National enterprise and a broad-based MEDICAL Innovator, ..in Technologies and Businesses across the spectrum of HEALTH CARE", with the "goal...to advance MEDICAL Science" only). To such "TIPP"s "Clients" are added also an Institute for Heavily Handicaped persons and the "American DENTAL Association", etc., while it also claims to be a Specialist of "BIO-statistics, EPIDEMIOLOGICAL research, PSYCHOLOGY, "DataBase management", (f.ex. for the notorious New Jersey-based HumaN Embryo and other Genetic Data "Bases" serving the Genetic Manipulations' Lobby : comp. above),etc., betraying once again, a Strikingly Similar to the other, earlier "Nov. 4" shady Lonely pro-Obama Pollster, profile of obvious CONFLICT OF INTERESTS with the Expensive "Obama-Health-Care Reform" and his "Federal Funds for Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos", Big Lobbies, (comp. above)..

    => All these astonishingly converging FACTS (cited here and previously) clearly indicate that a Minority of shady Big Money/Power Interests is obviously attempting to grossly Manipulate the American People at the eve and even during the Day of the crucial Nov. 6, 2012 US Presidential Election !

    No Mystery about which Big Lobbies did they came from, and where did they go, those more than 700 Millions $ and 1 BILLION $ paid by "Private Donors" to Obama's Electoral Campaigns on 2008 and 2012, respectively, totalling the Biggest Amount of Money ever given to any Candidate in America's History !...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cluster



    << Campaigning the Obama Way: If You Can’t Earn Their Votes, Trick ‘Em

    Posted on November 6, 2012 by Greg Campbell

    Elections are to be won, and I am not na´ve to believe that on either campaign, every action taken has been an example of good-natured competition. Both Obama and Romney want to win, and they’re not above tweaking the perception of the other- such is the face of modern politics. However, what makes the left truly unique is that while the Obama Campaign plays the kind of dirty politics that makes Joe Kennedy look like a choir boy, they simultaneously attempt to retain some mistaken sense of moral superiority.

    Since his administration has zero accomplishments to tout, I can admit that Obama has created a campaign that has done very much with very little to talk about. However, it seems like Obama has one more trick up his sleeve…

    Recently, New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor spoke with The Blaze and claimed that a “very reliable” source in Chicago stated that the Obama Campaign intends to preemptively announce victory in the presidential election to discourage Romney supporters from voting for a “lost cause.”


    Campaigning the Obama Way: If You Can

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptif219 View Post

    I think 2012 will be more like 2010 than 2008
    think again

    Quote Originally Posted by jackdog View Post

    Never thought I would ever agree with Michael Tomasky on anything but Turnout Turnout Turnout. He still lives in his own little liberal fantasy land though and thinks Obama still has the mojo he had in 2008. How quickly progressives forgot 2010,
    what a joke you posts are
    Last edited by dujac; Nov 06 2012 at 10:06 PM.
    it's more difficult to convince people that they've been fooled than it is to fool them

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