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Thread: Gun Related Deaths In America 2012

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    Default Gun Related Deaths In America 2012

    I'm compiling a list of all the people killed by firearms in the US this year,
    2012. I want to see how many people (innocent or otherwise) die by guns in one single year in America. Its to further strengthen my argument that guns should be illegal, or at least heaviliy restricted.

    If anyone has anymore to add, please post them.

    I'll start with this one:

    LOGAN, Ohio -- A dispute over whether a terminally ill woman should have been given tea and toast or an orange apparently upset her husband so much that he shot and killed two of her sisters and his son before killing himself, a sheriff said Tuesday.

    The sick woman, 59-year-old Darlene Gilkey, who's dying of cancer, witnessed the shootings from a hospital bed in her living room but was uninjured, Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North said.

    Such a petty dispute and now four people are dead. A terminally ill woman has lost her husband and carer. How confused she must feel. I do wonder if there hadn't been earlier arguments about this. It sounds rather ridiculous that someone would kill three people, then himself just because he wanted his wife to have a piece of fruit.
    At the same time, if he was her full time carer, he should decide what meals she has - no one else.

    Initial reports that said that Mrs. Gilkey was shot were wrong, and the report was modified.
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