Yes I find it hard to believe there is any business that isn't hamstrung by idiotic regulations and irrational taxation. Even if you are not directly effected you indirectly by the regs and taxes others have to deal with.
It's not that I don't know what you mean, but my business seems to generate enough revenue, even after regulation and taxes, that I am satisfied. But I never went into business to max out profitability or leverage staff to the breaking point. Maybe I have a mini-Starbucks here.

The bold is especially true but it is from a selective few the government chooses to listen too. And most of those choices are decided by what benefits those politicians get by choosing sides.
There seems to be a rash of new regulation after every disaster or major scandal and just about everybody favors those at the time. Other than that, a lot of regulations are put into effect by the mostly corporate lobbies and their payees to raise barriers to entry or limit competition or to otherwise enrich themselves.