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  1. The Rhetoric of Life
  2. Nathan-D
    Richard Evans on Quora
  3. Texan
    An armed society is a polite society.
  4. After-Hour Prowler
    After-Hour Prowler
    Registered independent, liberal hating conservative.
  5. Heroclitus
    Heroclitus frodly
    Hi frodders. Dare I say it but this could be the year....! YNWA
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  6. EMTdaniel86
    Postquam pacem para bellum. Postquam pacem para bellum
  7. Pollycy
    Pollycy Jeannette
    I am greatly entertained and inspired by your animated cartoons and your poetry. Also, please allow me to wish a very happy New Year in 2020 for you!
    1. Jeannette
      Thank you, and a happy New Year to you too.
      Dec 31, 2019
  8. Pollycy
    Pollycy Lil Mike
    Hi, Mike! I do hope you'll start a 'predictions' thread for 2020, and/or start a poll (not sure how long the moderators would let a 'prediction' thread remain active in "Current Events". Your clear-minded viewpoint and predictions for the coming year in any format would be appreciated and useful!
    1. Lil Mike
      Lil Mike
      Oh I intend to do a 2020 predictions thread. Since it's an election year, I'm sure it will be a doozy!
      Dec 30, 2019
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  9. James California
    James California
    Is that you ... ❓
  10. Jazz
    Jazz RoccoR
    Thanks, Rocco, for your recent "like".
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  11. Capn Awesome
    Capn Awesome
    In Mexico for the next 4 months. Mexico is awesome
  12. Jeannette
  13. Kyklos
    Kyklos Foxfyre
    LOL! I'm not biting.
  14. Foolardi
    Foolardi Gatewood
    There 's a YouTube channel { Andrew Camarata } that 's quite interesting.
    He's like an Identical twin loolalike to Brad Pitt.If you like fellars who can
    fix most anything and never quit.
  15. Jazz
    Jazz DC23
    --- Happy belated Birthday!
    I hope you had a good time.

    Just wanted to say "Hi",
    as you seem a little shy,
    not having said a word yet.
    I could almost bet
    you don't know how to start.

    Well, it is kind of an art
    to put some words together,
    not really knowing whether
    they will make any sense at all
    or be judged as a waterfall!!

    Please, feel encouraged to try;
    the whole forum is standing by!!
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  16. TOG 6
  17. TOG 6
    TOG 6
    [QUOTE="Andrew Jackson, post: 1071218827, member: 70458"] ... the day after the Nov. 2020 Election (when Trump LOSES) [/QUOTE]
  18. catalinacat
    catalinacat AlifQadr
    Thank you for the beautiful song! Russian is rich with great composers and poets since it's beginning.
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  19. Pollycy
    Pollycy Derideo_Te
    There was also a stand-alone production entitled, "The Abominable Bride" that is also very entertaining, IF you decide you like the genre....
    1. Derideo_Te
      Thanks, I will see if I can find it.
      Nov 29, 2019
  20. Pollycy
    Pollycy Derideo_Te
    If you haven't seen any of the "Sherlock" series (BBC), I highly recommend the first three seasons (the 4th was crap). Start from the beginning, though.
  21. Pollycy
    Pollycy Derideo_Te
    I had written more, but the 'profile page' limits us to 420 characters. How very 21st-century....
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    2. Derideo_Te
      LOL! You could always PM me instead. ;)
      Nov 29, 2019
  22. Pollycy
    Pollycy Derideo_Te
    Hello, Te. Happy Thanksgiving!

    You might really enjoy this, for its own merit as rare, first-class entertainment, and as an odd sort of juxtaposition with today's political drama involving the 'impeachment' drama. "The Reichenbach Fall", starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.
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    2. Derideo_Te
      Thank you for the heads up. Been looking for distractions for the weekend and that sounds like something that both I and my spouse will enjoy. :)
      Nov 29, 2019
  23. guavaball
    “Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to agree with people and their beliefs to defend them from injustice.” Bryant McGill,
  24. Blaster3
    Blaster3 guavaball
    like the hat... alas it'll never happen... nothing's backward compatible these days
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  25. guavaball
    Anything for any reason at any time