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  1. Margot2
    Margot2 Jeannette
    Assad is aligned with Shia NOT Sunni. That's why he is close to Iran and supports Hezbollah.
  2. Margot2
    Margot2 kazenatsu
    There has been globalization and trade since the bronze age, but not in chariots... in salt and copper for starters.

    There are no chariots at the bottom of the Red Sea.. Its a thousand feet too deep beyond the limits of SCUBA.. Ron Wyatt was simply a liar and con man..
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    Thank you for the follow.
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    2. Derideo_Te
      Been following you for a while but the feature appears to be flaky because your posts stopped showing up in my alerts so I had to "reset" you. :)
      Jan 22, 2018 at 6:19 AM
  4. PrincipleInvestment
    PrincipleInvestment Zhivago
    Are you a SPAM-BOT ... or an immature liberal SOCK PUPPET? 100's of "likes" daily ... without a single comment ???
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    I am too ignorant to reply to Profile Posts. Please, Message.
  6. Margot2
    Margot2 Moi621
    Israel didn't give permission. We flew into Amman and toured East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
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    Margot2 Nightmare515
    Thanks, Nightmare...........
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    Margot2 JohnnyMo
    I can't reply to you directly, but yes.. I have rebooted the computer several times.

    I am not having computer problems anywhere else. I am not very skilled with computers, so don't take this the wrong way.. Is it possible that I have been hacked by another member?
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    Margot2 Nightmare515
    I don't know.... I couldn't even reply to your response to my question.. The Reply function doesn't work anywhere on the board for me...

    Can you speak with the system administrator or whoever your computer geek is and ask if the problem can be resolved by abandoning this account and registering as Margot 3?
    1. Nightmare515
      Yes I will forward this to our Admin. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm not the techno wiz for the forum I'm not sure what the issue may be.
      Jan 21, 2018 at 1:32 PM
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    2. JohnnyMo
      Margot, have you rebooted your computer?
      Jan 21, 2018 at 1:47 PM
  10. Margot2
    Margot2 Moi621
    My reply function is broken.

    I have been to all the countries you mention multiple times over 20 years .. and I didn't have any special security.. I didn't go to Israel.. I went to East Jerusalem, the West Bank 3 times before the 6 day war. No one in my Sunday school class in Arabia had special security.
  11. Margot2
    Margot2 Jeannette
    Kurds have always lived in northeastern Syria..

    The Russians were INVITED in to bomb Syria..and there have been 250 Russian airstrikes on Syrian hospitals.. Of course they should pay to rebuild Syria unless ethnic cleansing was the objective all along.
  12. Margot2
    Margot2 Zorro
    The whole Arab opposed ISIS and their "caliphate".
    There remain 10,000 ISIS in Syria and on the Iraq border.. and another 10,000 have moved into Eastern Afghanistan.
  13. Margot2
    Margot2 Nightmare515
    Can you help me? I can't reply to any posts.
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    Well you certainly were again the victim of bias, welcome back ;)!
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    Margot2 Zhivago
    I appreciate all the "likes" you have given me.. Who are you?
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    Abram Jones Sushisnake
    Yeah, I'm here. I don't visit this forum very often because of the lack of quality most of these people have to offer. But I do stop in once in a while.
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    Good morning, Merwen. :)