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  1. Moriah
    So, I guess there are no private conversations on PF. Good to know.
  2. Beer w/Straw
    Beer w/Straw
    I have less than half a brain!
  3. Sauk
    Sauk Nightmare515
    Can you please rename my thread here to read "White percentage of America has decreased 36% since in just 100 years" ? It needs to reflect for accuracy.
  4. pjohns
    already amswered
  5. Moriah
    Do you think it would help to ask the moderators about it?
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  6. Moriah
    Yes, I do believe racism is more acceptable. But, the moderators should be more alert and they should be fair in what they delete.
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  7. FoxHastings
    FoxHastings Moriah
    Have you noticed that in PF racists have free rein to say anything and it's not deleted but when someone thinks you called them a racist it is deleted.....PF wasn't like that a while it a sign that this country is accepting racism?
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    2. Mr_Truth
      more likely it shows that the forum has a certain slant
      May 23, 2018 at 11:50 PM
  8. not2serious
    not2serious Meta777
    Renee, what did I do wrong. I don't understand. I simply replied in kind to another poster. I wish I knew what I posted so I don't do it again. Being new here, I don't understand.
  9. Stevew
    Stevew Wehrwolfen
    Hey W. I noticed you responded to a couple posts of mine that maybe you thought I was replying to you. I wasn't. It's possible your computer might be tampered with if you look at those carefully. Just a heads up.

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  10. Shawn F Boelens
    Shawn F Boelens Dark Star
    Someone from Admin please contact me. Something on my profile needs fixing.
  11. Shawn F Boelens
    Shawn F Boelens
    Seems pretty good. Lot's of good info from both sides.
  12. Renee
    Renee JohnnyMo
    You censored a post but I have no idea which one,..that really is quite unfair
  13. Monster Zero
    Monster Zero camp_steveo
    you Progressive Trump haters hiding
    behind your guns, the flag, and svc record
    make me barf ... just kidding HA HA
    1. camp_steveo
      ok...just kidding, but I am not progressive at all. I am libertarian.
      May 16, 2018
  14. Monster Zero
    Monster Zero Bow To The Robots
    hey Robots love your posts but take your guns avatar off, makes you appear like a nasi occifer
    1. Bow To The Robots
      Bow To The Robots
      I think you meant to say 'Nazi officer.' Well they sure as hell didn't carry 1911s. LOL.
      May 15, 2018
  15. gamewell45
    Plotting the overthrow of the Planet; so far I have no idea how to do it.
  16. Pipette8
    Total eclipse of the sun, 8/2017
  17. justonemorevoice
    justonemorevoice LeftRightLeft
    What? Are you insane? I've never said any such thing.
    1. LeftRightLeft
      Pardon me? I have no idea what you are referring to
      May 10, 2018
  18. Xman379
    Xman379 Ethereal
    Thank you for the compliment and encouragement. I will continue to be a voice of reason.
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  19. Ethereal
    Ethereal Xman379
    Hi, enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work!
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  20. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    Ask and you shall receive but there's a catch.