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  1. Aristophanes
    Aristophanes RandomWeirdo
    You’ll fit in here fine. Lol, lol….
  2. metypea1
    If USA were leader of the good and holy world, then MS-NBC would be its ivory tower shining a beacon of verity. 'Course USA is not that.
  3. metypea1
    If USA is leader of the free world then MS-NBC is it's ivory tower shining a beacon of verity. But I don't believe our USA is so positioned.
  4. notme
    notme Bluesguy
    I can't reply in the pregnant woman kill thread anymore.
    But I already sourced cops can't murder people who flee.
    And the cop wasn't hurt, so the car wasn't a lethal weapon.
    1. Bluesguy
      You were given the chance on the public board to continue this discussion.
      Sep 15, 2023
  5. metypea1
    Cleanliness is next to godliness. Now there's one cliché that I can get behind unreservedly.
  6. metypea1
    Cleanliness is next to godliness. Now there is one cliché that I can get behind unreservedly
  7. metypea1
    Cleanliness is next to godliness. Now there is one cliché that I can relate to wholeheartedly
  8. metypea1
    Cleanliness is next to godliness. Now there is one cliché that I can relate with wholeheartedly
  9. metypea1
    I can't think of a message. Anyway, talk is cheap.
  10. Derideo_Te
  11. DennisTate
    DennisTate Nightmare515
    RaginCajun... am I an idiot to be concerned about the threat of rising ocean levels????
    1. DennisTate
      If average ocean levels were to rise by ten centimeters.... .would
      the multiplier effect of the geography of the Bay of Fundy continue?

      The fact that the Bay of Fundy funnels tidal waters plus......
      it is over 170 miles long, (274 kms), it produces high tide level that are tenX to fifteenX over the difference in tidal waters where I live.
      Aug 12, 2023
    2. DennisTate
  12. Bowerbird
    Bowerbird Derideo_Te
    You’re back! Welcome I was wondering about you! Sending some virtual hugs!
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    2. Derideo_Te
      Nice to be back and nicer still to see you again. (((hugs)))
      Aug 5, 2023
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  13. Joe knows
    Joe knows Golem
    I have brought biased argument after biased argument against you in the past. I honestly apologize because I see you are not that way. It’s sad when one realizes that I myself have been the fool. I promise to never argue in a biased manner against you again. You have my total respect in that manner. I look forward to further conversation with you. Thanks for being apart of this forum.
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    2. Golem
      I wrote this yesterday and probably forgot to send. But I truly appreciate your words, and look forward to very interesting conversations. Thanks again
      Jul 19, 2023
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  14. Endeavor
    Endeavor Bowerbird
    Just curious, I see you are in Aussie land but you are very well-versed in American politics. Are you an Ex-pat or Aussie.
  15. American
    American CornPop
    Hey man, I forget who you were on DP.
  16. MiaBleu
    MiaBleu JonK22
    Love your sig. Well done. Also enjoy your posts.
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    2. JonK22
      Thanks, enjoy your posts as well
      Jun 9, 2023
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  17. cd8ed
    If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy —Frum
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    2. Hey Now
      Hey Now
      I always read most commentary by Frum, he's a well reasoned individual.
      May 31, 2023
    3. kazenatsu
      Once again this seems like a little bit of projection, or hypocrisy, because the Left is even more prone to this tendency than conservatives, as a group.

      There do not seem very many on the Left who will stand up for ethical principles when it is not in their self-interest.
      Jul 25, 2023
  18. bobobrazil
    less and less interested in what passes fo nr political discussion
  19. Conservative Democrat
    Conservative Democrat Alwayssa
    Thank you for your comments and your likes.
  20. TOG 6
    TOG 6 Alwayssa
    AR15 M16
    Its a trap for the anti-gunboobs
  21. TOG 6
    TOG 6 modernpaladin
    AR15 M16
    Its a trap or the anti gun boobs
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    2. modernpaladin
      was your 'Abortion amendment?' thread also a trap for anti gun boobs?

      I assumed it was, and got comments deleted for derailment. If not, then fair nuff. But if it was, I'd like to get it on record and screenshot it to the mod, if you don't mind.
      May 16, 2023
  22. TOG 6
    TOG 6 Kal'Stang
    AR15 M16
    Its a trap for the anti-gun boobs
    1. Kal'Stang
      Ah, gotcha.
      May 12, 2023
  23. Joe knows
    Joe knows Arkanis
    How long was that short time on this forum supposed to be?
  24. StillBlue
    StillBlue MiaBleu
    Pretty vicious animal in your avatar. Are you safe? Should we send help? Of course cats do get just a tad bit bigger here where I am.
  25. WestFork