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Oct 26, 2022
    1. Anikdote
      It was off topic so I'm not surprised. We can continue discussing food here if you like. Speaking of which I'm hungry!
    2. justonemorevoice
      Hey...they freakn deleted our dinner banter. Wtf?
    3. justonemorevoice
      Hey i cant reply to the homeschool thread. Will you plz tell grok that i found out the 12 yo son seth wants to be an archeologist? That should set him off pretty good. LOL.
    4. Anikdote
      Sure is (FORSCOM btw) ... sheesh, so many jar heads around here. So'k, better a jar head than the chairforce =D
    5. Zosiasmom
      I can't remember is McPherson FORCECOM? Eh, ours was a Marine Corps family anyway. :)
    6. Zosiasmom
      Ahhh. I had noticed you said Army and Atlanta so I just thought Ft. Benning.
    7. Zosiasmom
      Were you stationed out of Ft. Benning?
    8. 3link
    9. Anikdote
      Cool! Grats man, I work full time so school is going slow, 2 semesters left on my bachelors. But I have a great job so I can't complain, it's much better than the opposite situation a lot of people are in.
    10. frodly
      Ya I started grad school since I talked to you last, so I post much less. The only reason I am even online now, is because I just finished my last paper of the semester a few hours ago and I am spending the night at my apartment just doing nothing.
    11. frodly
      I believe the part about being a masochist!! I am convinced I am, or else I wouldn't subject myself to this place on such a regular basis. You at least have the good sense to only come here in stretches, I don't post a whole lot anymore, but I sign on at least every other day. Often more.
    12. frodly
      Hey, I see you are in a particularly self-hating mood at the moment, and have therefore come back to subject yourself to this forum for a while!! That is nice to see.
    13. Raskolnikov
      Yeah, its a dangerous thing, labelling oneself. Losing the socialist has done me a world of good, it means I can actually finish my argument. Bottom-up is preferable, hence my like for work-place democracy. If one was to acheive a cooperative business based economy then the requirement (or form) of state involvement may be highly different or (one would hope) unnecesary.
    14. Anikdote
      I've mellowed out a good bit. I find the more I learn about economics the less rabid I am about politics in general. I'm very much still a public choice guy, and don't care much for top down organizations, but I'm careful about labeling myself... especially around here.
    15. Raskolnikov
      So, still a Randy, or? I suppose I'm less rabid, mainly because it is like hitting your head against a brick wall at times on this forum. I think my knowledge of economics has improved but certainly not to the level of, say, Reiver.
    16. Raskolnikov
      Oh, this is The-Irish-Socialist btw. I requested to be banned so I could change my name and lose the misleading 'Irish' part. At the moment the level of debate hardly deserves the name but it has rebounded slightly from its lowest depths.
    17. Raskolnikov
      Anikdote, long time no see. I had figured you'd stopped posting.
    18. frodly
      Ya, I agree with almost everything you said. I do think he offers an incredibly interesting perspective, and I have to admit it does amuse me to see him frustrate so many right wingers as much as he does!! :)
    19. frodly
      The problem with that is, while Reiver is clearly intelligent and quite well informed when it comes to economics, he simply isn't the greatest debater(which is why you have to try and understand him). If he were clearer, and laid out his positions in detail he would be fantastic. However he usually responds to peoples posts, some of them long and and clearly filled with effort by saying things like "you have been so naive as to ignore the theory of the firm." While offering no further evidence or argument. What he says is often true, but a good debater would expand and explain their comments, and craft actual arguments using evidence. So I appreciate Reiver on the one hand, and I think he could be a great poster, but his unwillingness to engage meaningfully keeps him from being one.
    20. frodly
      Yep, the better right wingers are gone as well. Frogger is still around, and I always found him to be an intelligent posters, but you left, Soutpaw left, WhiteFox left, and a few other smart right wingers left. On the left Javablack left, Raytri almost never posts, Teamosil is in law school so posts much less, the list goes on and on. There are other good posters who came and went in your absence as well. I used to find this place to be a welcome distraction, and I actually gained something from it. It actually made me a better debater. Now I am not so sure, because I seem to have heard every argument that gets thrown at me 100 times, and it gets boring responding to the same nonsense in perpetuity. However as long as you stay out of the current events, world news, and election forums(which are cesspools) you can find some intelligent conversations going on if you try.
    21. frodly
      It is awesome to see you back, though I saw in one thread you said this place is convincing you to leave again!! Please don't!! You being here raises the collective IQ of the right wingers at this forum into 4 digits!! This place is already boring enough without seeing the good posters get run off by moronic trolls!!
    22. moon
      Merry Christmas.
    23. tresha
      a) thank you for your service to our nation.
      (didn't get around to your page on Veteran's Day. Sorry. :oops: )
      B) AWESOME new addition to your avatar!
    24. Iriemon
      I don't mind criticisms of the Fed. There are some legitimate criticism to be made.

      But usually such criticisms are based on completely erroneous understanding, facts or assumptions (Steveo) or simply because they heard a politician they like say it (Tennisdude)
    25. lucid
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