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    1. Bowerbird
      you are added!!
    2. catalinacat
      Why did you delete two of your vistor messages to me - never got a chance to read them - what wit that?
    3. catalinacat
      Oh sorry - I will fix now :wink:
    4. Falena
      I will definitely keep checking!
    5. Falena
      I just knew you were gonna like that!
    6. B.Larset

      Personal choices from inner voices spoken with whispered lips, give the quiet its direction when self loyalties are forced into correction. Where trusts application is lacking it elicits a painful reaction. Pausing the fineness of kind in this our time we become lost an swept out of mind. Leaving tastes of yesterdays wine for two broken hearts to find. Love less more then, lest you fall harder than she can. Shattering images framed by thoughts of forever and again. Pictured right yet left untrue, done though not seen through. Memory's once made to last, now cause the ills of separation to paint them bleak as a thing that will pass.
    7. catalinacat
      I see that - you always notice things don't you - that is weird, can't open it.
    8. Agrona
      Sorry my friend, I pretty much abandoned the whole forum when the stress replaced the fun of it. Too many posters trying to get me banned for my taste. May be back soon, who knows? Thanks for asking and for thinking about me.
    9. catalinacat
      Very nice, thanks.
    10. Falena
      I changed it. Not a problem. I like it better!

      When you get a chance check out the American Primitive Longbow Im making now. Hand carved. No power tools. Its not close to being finished and I dont know if it will break when I string it but its all a learning experience. Im researching projectiles and making the hand tools to break and shape rocks into projectiles. Its all cool plus the added bonus of finding the proper rocks to use.
    11. Falena
      This is so super odd. As true as God is my judge, I was just sitting at the computer and was showing my Honey the video you made. We both watched it together and then you PMed me.
      I read your poem by myself. I have water in my eyes! That is absolutely beautiful and grabbed my heart. Thank you so much. Ill never ever forget it and I'm gonna do it in calligraphy and frame it.

      Poetry Man, you are the best!

      Oh wait, I got caught up in the poem and the timing of us watching the video. I changed the line for you. Check it out and see if its Ok.

      From my whole heart, thank you so much.
    12. Falena
      Sorry, I got caught up in work.
      Ive never read that poem. Yours are better. lol

      There was a story about the pearl and the oyster that Daisy told me. An oyster sits in the water very happy and content. One day a piece of sand enters the oysters life. That said is an irritant that will always be there. The oyster takes that irritant and makes a pearl. Make a pearl. Ill never forget that advice. Very cool to carry through life.
    13. Falena
      Pretty good, PoetryMan.
      I cant complain. How about youself? How's it going? You still writing? You have a poem about hearts, carnivals and a pearl? That's where Im at at the moment.
    14. B.Larset

      Personal choices from inner voices spoken with whispered lips, tip the hand of the scorned, who have been warned. Praise her with care and caution. Then don't let fall your timely passion. Go off to her again an maybe she will let you in, not pitied; but full of longing. Keeping you wanting and faithfully haunted. Her eyes comfort weakness, then cause the moment to fill with wonder while you are mercilessly held under.
    15. Falena

      I have NO idea why I came here and said that!
      How you doing Poetry Man? Got a poem for hot on a hot summers day?
    16. AshenLady
      My kid has been home from college and I am busy babying my ankle, which is healing nicely. It's a drag, but it is what it is. Come end of the summer, I will be back again!!!

    17. catalinacat
      I have a better opinion of Kenny now - :-P
    18. B.Larset
    19. Paris
      Hi. I am well. Thank you.
    20. Trinnity
      <----- Who is the guy in the plaid shirt?
    21. Trinnity
    22. B.Larset
      For those touched things in us that get caught and fought until, they become needs of wants tucked away from our past. Only to be felt later, when we pass gently brushing them as memories. Giving tomorrow to our needs and passions pleas, the foundation for dreams built with two heart beats separated as-we.
      Free to chance finding us close unable to dance or hold this moment from our past letting love last. I will say this now here for you, “I am the one who lost the bet gambling with you“. No thing can ever be as much true as the hurting loss I live for you. Played by a game using keys to splash your screen with font scented as wonder and burying forever asunder, I pay !
      Comforted in her dreams. Made needed by all her things. Now lights glow brings her to my soul helping it sing.

    23. AshenLady
      My nerves are shot. I have kinfolk in Israel and I am worrying myself sick.
    24. Makedde
      There is no way to remove the deleted messages, sorry!
    25. AshenLady
      This zionista can't wait to get her cast off. Maybe I'll post a new updated photo this summer!!! LOL Older and wiser...I will make sure that I use a telephoto lens...hahaha!!!
      Yours Ashen
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    Personal choices from inner voices spoken with whispered lips, fund sorrows deeply known where I reason the right of our wrongs. Understanding when and why they were grown lends passion to actions lost through moments of us as, kind. Each to the other and further along with unanswered tries that turn to goodbye. From love's heeding, this loss moves fleeting lessening togethers needing. Giving us the beginning of an ends who's days portray this as nothings mends. Where times trouble causes pauses for passions melody endured quietly and shared rightly.