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Jan 21, 2021 at 12:10 PM
    1. catalinacat
      Oh, okay, LOL.
    2. LadyBug
      Hahahaha, I really did enjoy your reply to the the crazy breakup story! Ohh playing with dolls, every little girl's favorite past time.
    3. LadyBug
      Thanks for the lovely rep! :)
    4. IndridCold
      I just meant not to mind looking at my posts/threads when they pop up lol
    5. catalinacat
      LOL - thanks for the rep, quiet poetry man. How are you?
    6. IndridCold
      You seem cool
    7. catalinacat
    8. catalinacat
      you wanted the lyrics for "You left your Mark - it was on a rep from you:)
    9. catalinacat
      lyrics? - I can understand him for every word - but I will send you the lyrics later - peace
    10. Carls
      freedom o f speech if your are right wing.
      I hope t o see you in different forum :)

    11. Smartmouthwoman
      I suppose we still have the clunky members online list. But that doesn't solve the problem of accessing the profile page of members who aren't currently logged in. They could solve that by bringing back the Members Directory. Guess that takes up too much space, too. Like I said... they need to upgrade. It's like a huge forum operating in a little forum environment. Bah humbug.
    12. Smartmouthwoman
      Sure is, huh? Site's running better... if that was the prob, obviously they need to take some of that donation $$$ and upgrade either the server or the version of eBulletin they're using. I think this is a 1959 model. ;)
    13. B.Larset
      She holds the mastery and the hidden of a given moment that shapes thought and lends her image to the reason of my passions. To leave her impressed here in this time making her lasting. Now she becomes a thing I see to feel. Captured by pen and written down on me as a scene from then. She like a mystery of the unknown thats felt and searched for so I can understand and find the things that give me cause to dream.

      Standing here thoughted I find myself in calm.
      Pulled down and drawn.
    14. bitterweed
      Right back at you..Hope you have a superior 4th..:)
    15. flounder
      Happy fourth my friend....:smile:
    16. flounder
    17. Carls
    18. Up On the Governor
      Up On the Governor
      Thank you for the birthday wishes.
    19. wopper stopper
      wopper stopper

      polly sounds like hot stuff

      she like sex, sex, and oh, sex and some more sex lol
    20. catalinacat
      Oh you silly man - you miss everyone. ;)
      I went on a much needed vacation to some gorgeous waterfalls. It was h ot and beautiful.
    21. hiswoman
      Yep, I'm fine. Been in school and my son just graduated high school. Hope all is well with you, too.
    22. catalinacat
      Thank you larset - Beautiful image!
    23. Sunkissed
      Hello there :) I thought I had left a message on your profile before, but apparently I didn't :O. My old signature (with the Huxley quote) was from Music At Night and Other Essays. Love Huxley...he was brilliant. I don't post on many forums...this is the only political forum I'm at least semi-active on. Not big on the whole argumentative thing that forums of this nature seem to breed...hate to show my claws :D. And I'm more of a reader than a writer. Used to write poetry more when life was less hectic...something I enjoyed so I really should pick it up again...maybe I will and will be happy to share. Your poetry's very good...really enjoyed what you've posted so far :) How long have you been writing? Look forward to more. Thanks for stopping by :)
    24. B.Larset
      Moon struck with luck an image of perfection and the motions of my worn hearts abolition. Moving into sight and floating flawless a beauty of the night. A mystical mythical outline shown with lunar rays falling a magical haze. Coming nearer and growing dearer. Through desire my eyes see to hear as I am caused in my waiting where dark shadows are overtaking, I listen.

      Dense lit cloudiness rolls, falls then moves and rises to drop into the night and vanish from sight as this apparition, becoming clearer. Commanded in this spaces place where time is fixed upon this moments grace. I am caught and held a witness to this ghosted drifting where I see better the being of my feeling, strode up to this eve's quaint, its image vague and outline faint a strolling figure in this meetings chance.

    25. magnum
      No problem. I'm good. You?
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    Personal choices from inner voices spoken with whispered lips, fund sorrows deeply known where I reason the right of our wrongs. Understanding when and why they were grown lends passion to actions lost through moments of us as, kind. Each to the other and further along with unanswered tries that turn to goodbye. From love's heeding, this loss moves fleeting lessening togethers needing. Giving us the beginning of an ends who's days portray this as nothings mends. Where times trouble causes pauses for passions melody endured quietly and shared rightly.