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May 9, 2013
    1. Ostap Bender
    2. flounder
    3. Ostap Bender
    4. Ostap Bender
    5. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Sarah Palin for President!

    6. OverDrive
      You finally 'wised up,' BFOJ! Not like some on this forum who find it easier to make friends with the world and 'fit in,' rather than to continue standing up for Jesus as a fearless witness...IYKWIM This forum has become a bastion for the godless, and is nothing more than a shooting gallery. God's and my best to you as you continue on your walk in this life...OD
    7. jedimiller
      Hey man. Christians need ur help. There is alot of christian bashing going on on the current events area with someone saying we want obama assasinated. I'm fruking pissed!!
    8. Rabbit
      Gladly. And no, I don't mean that I'm going to stop posting altogether in religion topics. I just thought we had said what we meant to say... sometimes it's better to reflect than to continually talk. ;-D
    9. Rabbit
      Thanks for the thoughtful reply regarding heaven and hell. There's no end to the matter, most likely, so I'm going to stop posting in that thread - at least that's my intent.
    10. jedimiller
      passing by to say hello...
    11. OverDrive
      Hey, BFOJ, long time no see! I got tired of posting on this forum (too many cry babies and ppl who waste my time!)and as I also found it not profitable. Did read the thread with your testimony and commend you for your openness, baring all for the world to see. And your testimony proves the scriptures: "Where sin did abound, grace did MORE abound," as well as "Those who have been forgiven much, LOVE much." We both know that no sin is above another, and I hope that the Godless on here dont discourage you in your walk...remember 'it's a marathon' so pace yourself...<wink> OD
    12. The specialist
      The specialist
      BFOJ,I commend you for being a fearless Christian and giving testimony of how Christ has transformed you into a true man of God.I am happy to call you brother and to those that believe that they would have made any different choices if they walked in your shoes are liars and hypocrites.Your sins are no greater then anyone else's and you have reached the point that others need too.. God Bless you dude - You are a man of the spirit !!!
    13. flounder
      Hey BF,,,Thanks for that rep,,appreciated buddy
    14. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
    15. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Okay, I signed up. My avatar is the same and my username. I just introduced myself.
      See you there bro.
    16. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hey brother, I apologize for what I said to you. It was wrong, I am sorry:( I love you in the Lord.

    17. OverDrive
      Guess you were right! Got A-T 'some what' confused with a poster in the "Bible Thumper' thread..ha ha

      Thk you Lord for your Grace <wink>
    18. Falena
      BFOJ, Thank You
    19. The specialist
      The specialist
      What's happening BFOJ ... ?
    20. changed
      Flounder, I agree BF, we will find you some teeth, ok?
    21. flounder
      bf,,,your killing me with that other avitar of yours,,,killing me,,,HAHAHAHH

      tHANKS FOR THE REP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    22. flounder
      Thank you BF,,,It's my honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    23. OverDrive
      "I'm aware of the biblical references to predestination - BFOJ"

      I'm sure you were, just wanted to give 'assurance' to the obvious point of scripture for your counter-poster. What seems obvious to you & me is 'spiritually appraised' as the scripture says, and 'the natural man cannot comprehend'...OD
    24. OverDrive
      Speaking of our looks (aka our avatars) in the PM's , I go for the "John the Baptist' look, as one of many crying out in today's modern wilderness; but Locusts give me gas, and with your teeth I would advise you to stay away from Honey....<wink> OD
    25. OverDrive
      Thx for the points, and am glad to meet ya, Bro...OD

      BTW, You seem to do a lot of 'damage' around here <wink>...keep it up!
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