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    1. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      hey its a refreashing change to see someone here who is aware of the facts that tells it like it is.the american sheep have been brainwashed by the CIA media and our corrupt schools that mass murderer and the man who betrayed the lower and middle class familys reagan was a great man and great president when like you said,he was a war so much nailed it when you said carter was the last president we had that was not a war criminal.he was also the last president since JFK,our last great president,who tried to serve the people instead of the bankers which every president since reagan has done.
    2. Polly Minx
      Polly Minx
      No problem! Glad to have you. :)

      Hope to hear from you more in the future!
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    Democrats lost to the clown Trump because they rigged the primaries to install a warmongering, Wall Street coddling, prison-industrial complex championing, Haiti embezzling, cackling candidate Hillary Clinton. Blaming Russia is mind bending form of cognitive dissonance—seek help.

    Teodrose Fikre