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    1. Zosiasmom
      What's your practice area?
    2. Trinnity
      Dam, you're good. Very good.
    3. Trinnity
      I like your posts. You're an American and some sort of conservative or conservative libertarian, right?
    4. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      In nature, animals don't get married... I thought you knew that.
    5. dan_bro
      I thought you were atheist????
    6. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      The difference between a "marriage" and every other relationship is commitment. "Vows" are promises of said commitment.

      In contrast to simply being a: friend

      1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
      2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.

      Now do you understand?
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    7. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      For your information marriage is a vow of commitment:

      "I, (Name),
      Take you, (Name),
      To be my (Spouse);
      To have and to hold,
      From this day forward,
      For better, for worse,
      For richer, for poorer,
      In sickness and in health,
      To love and to cherish,
      'Till death do us part."

      (or, "As long as we both shall live.")
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    8. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      Marriage provided stability for both same-sex and opposite-sex married couples who:

      1. Raise natural children
      2. Raise adopted children
      3. Have a loving, committed, life-long relationship
      4. Their relationship provides "stability," marriage provides "support" for that stability.

      Both same-sex and opposite-sex couples can:

      1. Have children naturally (donor, previous marriage)
      2. Adopt children legally

      Neither sterile same-sex couples nor sterile opposite-sex couples can:

      1. Have children

      Both sterile same-sex couples or sterile opposite-sex couples can:

      1. Adopt children
    9. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      Roman Theodosian Code "9.8.3" outlawed previous (and future) gay-marriages in Rome, by punishment of Death. That meant that gay-marriage was legally recognized before said decree. Roman Law didn't have to be written to be binding. The Senate--and later the Emperor--made the Law, which meant that Nero and Elagabalus were either using previous gay-marriage Laws or creating their own. It doesn't matter which--the end result is the same. Legal gay-marriage in the civilization we based the United States on.

      Since your on my ignore list, don't expect a reply in the future.
    10. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      The "template" for all human life is female. You were female, as a fetus, before Y chromosome began activating your male-genes. Part of you is still female. Does that change your world-view?
    11. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      Most woman have XX chromosome and most men have XY chromosome, which means all men are 1/2 women.
    12. RevAnarchist
      I just thought I would do a drive by to say hi and have a wonderful day and I hope to see you in church Sunday!....budda budda bye now!
    13. HBendor
      Just noticed your posts...
      Excellent retorts based on knowledge... My congrats, never relent for you are on the right side.
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