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    1. elijah
      The Gospel of Luke is not incorrect. This has been reconciled by no less than justin Martyr in the first century. You aren't the first to bring this up, and its been reconciled by apologist for centuries. Think for a minute, if Justin Martyr saw it in the 1st vcentury, wouldn't the council of Nicea corrected it?

    2. devilsadvocate
      Luke uses the term Hegemoneu, instead of legatus (Governor), hence he would not have been the governor, but maybe just the executor of the census. Judea lost its independence to Rome in 1ce.

      The governor is the executor of the census. Israel as a whole lost its independence to Rome well before 1ce, Herod the Great was a puppet to Caesar, and before Rome Israel was ultimately governed from Alexandria under the Ptolemaic Pharaohs (the last being Cleopatra).

      either way the gospel of Luke is either incorrect or contradictory to the other gospel about the birth, or both.
    3. devilsadvocate
      Now Most theologians aren't sure on the exact date of Christ, since it isn't listed in scripture, but I would ask the question......how many census were taken?

      the number is irrelevant, the census in the gospel of Luke was the 1st census.

      Do we have manuscripts that state there was no census taken, or just lack of evidence of a census taken?

      Romans only took a census in their provinces. Since Judea became a Province in 6ce, a census was required. It was the responsibility of the governor or Syria to which the province was added to. Before it was a province it was ruled by one of Herod’s sons who was removed from power by the Romans, when they made Judea a province.

      Do we know exaclty what Luke meant by using the greek term "Hegemoneuo" ? Did he mean procurator, leader, governor, or proconsul?

      If one makes the assumption that Luke had a clue what he was talking about then he meant the Legate Governor.

      Was quirinius governor more than once?

      No he was governor from 6ce to 12ce.
    4. devilsadvocate
      Have you got a contradiction you'd like to discuss?
      i did but it seemed like when I brought them up you ignored them,
    5. Fish
    6. Fish
      I'm enjoying our conversation. Thanks! I'm very interested in the Calvinist perspective because so many people hold to it, and it just seems to me more confusing and difficult and, frankly, out of character of a merciful God of justice, than I perceive the Divine message of God to be. Thanks again for your perspectives and good natured posts.
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