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    1. Xman379
      Thank you for the compliment and encouragement. I will continue to be a voice of reason.
      1. Ethereal likes this.
    2. Talon
      Sure, why not?

      Some of my favorite books are fiction - Ayn Rand's Anthem, Dostoevsky's Demons & Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago. In fact, the book that probably had the most impact on my thinking had little to nothing to do with History and Politics - Henry David Thoreau's ode to personal independence and self-reliance, Walden.

      What are some of your favorites?

      PS. Thanks for Paine & Spooner tips - I haven't read "No Treason". One of these days I've gotta read some of John Locke's work. From what I've read he had a great influence on the philosophy and thinking of the Founders.
    3. Talon
      And then you'll have to blow even more money on book cases to hold them all, which is a problem I'm up against right now. :)

      If you don't mind me asking, what are some of your own favorite books on History and Politics?
    4. Talon
      You're welcome, and thanks for pointing out Paine's correspondence to Washington to me. I read the first letter and then did some background research on the matter, which was quite interesting. I've read some books on the French Revolution but I never delved into Paine's role in the affair and the circumstances surrounding his imprisonment. I'm looking forward to reading the second letter this week.

      Incidentally, the Lives of the Founders Series from which that Luther Martin book came is a great series of books on the lesser known Founders, like Martin and John Dickinson:
    5. SpaceCricket79
      You're quite passionate about what you believe, that's very admirable
    6. justonemorevoice
    7. Steady Pie
      Steady Pie
      Man, you've gotta be one of my favorite posters.
    8. Bluespade
    9. Makedde
      Sorry it took so long to get back to you - every second post would have been deleted. I know you spent time on it, but sometimes, we have a choice - delete the offending posts, or delete the thread. If the number of deleted posts is so many that it removes 90% of the thread, there is no point in keeping the thread open. I'm sorry, but I had to remove it. :(
    10. Zosiasmom
      ignoring me?
    11. Zosiasmom
      Hey booboo
    12. Zosiasmom
      I'm not exactly happy with someone threatening you. Not happy at all. You did not tell me that he said these things to YOU.

      **folds arm and taps foot on ground impatiently**
    13. Zosiasmom
      Why did you get off, Boo?
    14. Zosiasmom
      :worship: ...
    15. Zosiasmom

    16. Zosiasmom
    17. <IF> Marius
      <IF> Marius
      Hahaha, you'll have to try harder than that just because you don't have an argument. Especially when you can be refuted by your own link in your own thread.
    18. Zosiasmom

      If this is "us" I think I should be Doc Holiday because I speak Latin.
    19. Zosiasmom
      Hello, snoodles
    20. Zosiasmom
      Merry Christmas, My Sweet Baboo

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