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Feb 10, 2009
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Huntington Beach, CA
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HB Surfer

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Nov 26, 2021 at 6:52 PM
    1. HB Surfer
    2. DoneEatingGrass
      Hey, thanks for the Like in my Post. Sorry I made you spit your water...lol
    3. HB Surfer
      HB Surfer
      Yes BVWC,

      It was a huge oil industry. Now the state has closed down the 7 offshore rigs which could net the state $2 Billion a year.... but here we are failing under Liberal rule.
    4. BestViewedWithCable
      I just realized youre from Huntington beach

      Check this photo out from Huntington Beach 1928

    5. HB Surfer
      HB Surfer

      Surfing my home break in H.B. - This is a few years ago as I moved on to surfing Old School Fish and long boards.
    6. HillBilly
      have some pizza HB , [IMG]
    7. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas HB . [IMG]
    8. HB Surfer
      HB Surfer
      No problem... best of luck. HBS
    9. HillBilly
      thanks HBS , for the reply ... like I said , it's really not a big deal , but I was hoping we could work it out , and we have .. thank you for your understanding , my friend. HB
    10. HillBilly
      well , HB Surfer , it's not really anything to get worked upover , don't really matter much , but I thought I would mention it to you .

      One of our fellow pf posters ( and I just assumed it was you ) is repping posts and using HB as initials .. and I've been getting a few 'thank you's' over it that was prolly meant for you ..... and a few reps as well ..

      so , from here on out , if I'm on a thread that you're on , and if I rep a post , I'll use the initials 'HB' , and if you want to use 'HBS' that should clarify who said / repped what ..

      but if you have a better idea , I'm all for it .. just trying to keep it simple so I can understand it ... Hillbilly
    11. HillBilly
      hello HB ,, great looking family ... reminds me of me and mine in similiar circumstances and vacations when the kids was little , like yours are ...

      It's great to be a Dad , ain't it ?

      we seem to have a conflict , but not of our making ...

      hollar back when ya can and we'll talk this out as friends ..., Dan
    12. Trinnity
      LOL, nice to see you back..........
    13. JP5
      I believe there was no link provided on that one. Should be easy to find, if you want to start it again with a link, I have no problem with that. Sorry---guess I could have listed "no link" instead of "Thread doesn't meet min requirements"
    14. (R)IGHTeous 1
      (R)IGHTeous 1
      thanks for the add
    15. JP5
      And the graph? Where did it come from?
    16. JP5
      No---it's not been selected yet. And with all the problems with the board right now, it will probably be delayed. Your post would be a fine nominee...but you would need a link to where you got the information from before it would be considered.
    17. catalinacat
      Thank you for rep! Love your posts.
    18. flounder
    19. flounder
      Thanks for the rep. Yeah your right he will never admit it. I just figured with the missile argument it shows how foolish he is, what danger does not having health insurance pose. Your right though, just the fact that they say they accept the Governments cost figures is a joke, and they know it.
    20. Ostap Bender
    21. tresha
      Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't kill me....:mrgreen:
    22. camp_steveo
    23. Surfer Joe
      Surfer Joe
      Is that you on the board? Nice.
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    If you get your news from a source that pushes 95%+ negative news on Trump, you may be brainwashed.