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Jul 31, 2014
    1. tresha
      Look at you, just a blazin' away with your 632 posts and being a Sr. Correspondent and all!
      Much respect for only being here 11 days!
      :worship: jackalope :worship:
    2. Doug_yvr
      That's a photo of the square in the old city in Nice, France. I've not been to Italy yet but it's on my list. I love old cities.
    3. formerroadie
    4. formerroadie
      The band is God is an Astronaut. www.godisanastronaut.com :). I actually write about music, so, I can help you if you wish ;).
    5. formerroadie
      Tis the album cover of my favorite band :). You should check them out. And it's always good to have a Jackalope for a friend! We all need one ;).
    6. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Haha - that's a carefully guarded secret my friend. Look back on prior messages and you'll see Turkic Brat practically offered me his first born to get that... ;)

      RE: Kitty - there are two of them in the album, but yes we actually call the one that shows on the cover "The Cute One" (real name's Zoe). We're looking for a little kitty tiara for her to wear - since she thinks she's the queen. :D
    7. jackalope
      crud, wrong profile page. heading to leave it at tresha's ... :mrgreen:
    8. tresha
      Get outta my head!
      I'm about to go there!!
      (are you posting without your light on?!
    9. submarinepainter
      well of to the dog park .I got me 2 westies from hell and they want to go!!
    10. submarinepainter
      I live in westbrook and I work in kittery at the Shipyard, I grew on Gray st in Portland. Tresha is a great lady!!
    11. Inferno
      Thats okay many do keep boring empty pages. Some people don't even do avatars.
    12. Inferno
      Very nice meeting you. I hope you enjoyed my profile page. I try and keep it interesting. I change the pictures now and a again. I have a lot of fans of mu picture albums. They tell me which of the models they like best. LOL

      I will check out your page later. Again, it is nice to meet you. MK.
    13. Inferno
      I have enjoyed your posts a lot. That thread that I repped you for convinced me that we needed a friendship. My name is Delores but call me Del.
    14. tresha
      As you might have picked up on somewheres around here...I've got insomnia to beat the band. (what an odd expression....)
      I do believe I logged an actual 42 minutes sleep this am on the sofa whilst watching JFK on the DVD player.
      All of which to say...I be ::sleepy: at the public: computer.
      Not my best look!
      Gotta limp home...been fun chatting witcha!
      Hope to see you tomorrow or soon....(GET OUTTA THE ROAD! Crusader Rabbit is gonna scoop up yo head and mount it iffen that truck hits ya!)
    15. changed
      No worries, and thanks.....If I would slow my butt down, literally I wouldn't have problems. But...it will be fixed tom.
      Thank you for the feel better response and you have a great weekend too!
    16. changed
      I am sorry jackalpoe....I am so busy this wek and probably will not be around until Sunday. I have some back problems that are hopefully gonna be fixed tomorrow!
      The Bar was called at the time, of all things, "The Falcon"
      It was a very popular bar. My mom took me there once when I was young and met Mr Whipple! Too Funny!
    17. tresha
      You're from Maine?!
      One of my favorite peoples on here is from Maine!!
      Submarinepainter is currently living in Maine!
      (and I get to be yer first friend, iffen you'll have me!)
    18. changed
      Hahaha, soooo, you ticked me into believing you have seen a real Jaclalope! They look just like those but, A whole lot smaller. I about cracked up!
    19. changed
      Hello jackalope, I can't believe you have a picture of one. Of course I know that one isn't a real one. But, you must live in Texas too. Only Texans see those! Welcome
    20. Doug_yvr
      Your posts have been approved. Sorry for the delay. You should have the unrestricted ability to post now.
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