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Jul 31, 2014
    1. changed
      Thank you very much on both compliments. I thank you and he thanks you. I have three of them and a Aust. Shep. but she is 21. She is almost older than the oldest dog ever. But, it is time for her to be put to sleep.
    2. changed
      Yes, that is me. Jakes foot is almost as big as mine. He is huge. I am going to put some more pictures up in a couple of days. I had to get them off of a flash drive.
    3. OverDrive
      Here's the 'heart' that you wanted:

    4. OverDrive
      Jes dunt trya kess ma..! Haw Haw Haw
    5. OverDrive
      Na budy wont ma fo an 'enema'...I's nvended da wood "formidable"...Haw Haw Haw

    6. OverDrive
      That's what I like about you, jack........well,.....there must be something!!! OD :mrgreen:
    7. OverDrive
      Wil do..just bothered by my old buddies who are not stand-up folks with me, and have treated me different since I returned...Thx OD
    8. cassandrabandra
      :omg: its not funny! its scary! really!
    9. cassandrabandra
      actually ... my daughter may have inherited the trivial mind. the other night we were watching some thing and I made a comment about some historical ... something or someone ... and I got this rather cool, appraising stare .... "are you suggesting I don't know that?"

      oops. :)
    10. cassandrabandra
      LOL - maybe! well ... you're married to a man with a Trivial mind ... surely you get sick of it ... my kids get sick of me! yeah Mum ... OK ... who cares ....:)
    11. cassandrabandra
      yeah - you got it! you're not too bad though - apart from us the Americas is the only other place that has marsupials ... but I think our many varieties of possums are better looking than your opossum .....

      LOL - I am big on trivia ... if you want to know about absolutely nothing ... ask me ... I can probably find an answer!
    12. cassandrabandra
      Its a pretty interesting story really ... you know we have REAL animals that are a bit wierd. we have the Ornithorhynchus anatinus - you know latin? it means bird like snout, duck like ... but its common name means "flat foot"

      it has a duck bill, webbed feet, a beaver's tail, fur, lays eggs and suckles its young. hah! bet you guessed what it was!
    13. cassandrabandra
      I thinkits the Jack in Jackalope made me think male ... didn't know anything about the Jackalope! had to look it up!
    14. cassandrabandra
      Sorry Ms Jackalope - seems a lot more women on these forums than in the past. and if I do say so meself - I think we often talk a lot more common sense than the other lot .... :)

      93 is a good get to get to in anyone's books - suspect his outlook on life was a major factor.
    15. cassandrabandra
      Thanks - agaiin Mr Jackalope!

      BTW - I originally saw the article about the atom bomb survivor on anews bulletin - pity I couldn't find a link - they had interviewed him a couple of years ago, an interesting old man -no negativity, really positive outlook on life, great sense of humour.
    16. LeonCoDem
      And back to ya on the Friend request.
    17. ChaseyChase
      Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

      And yes, I'm 16.
    18. Pro Deus Et Patria
      Pro Deus Et Patria
      nice to meet you as well! I enjoy your posts too. Love the avatar. :) See you "out there"... ;)
    19. wyly
      you want to be my friend? really?...okay...you must be one of the few who I on the forum who I haven't offended as yet :)
    20. Oddquine
      I remember you! One of the few who didn't want to rip my throat out! :mrgreen:
    21. Joe1991
      Hello new friend! ; )
    22. TheVestWithOneSleeve
      yw hope to see you on later
    23. TheVestWithOneSleeve
      hey u should join my club. the socialist side of life.
    24. TheVestWithOneSleeve
      hmmm i cant find a good post. do u have any that i need to bring comedy too?
    25. TheVestWithOneSleeve
      um a heads up be afraid of the pink sock...IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE ANYWHERE ANYTIME!!
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