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Jan 20, 2017
May 7, 2010
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New Member, from Michigan

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Jan 20, 2017
    1. Trinnity
      Wow !! So great to hear from you. Missed you, darlin'.
    2. Trinnity
      Well, it IS good to see ya back. SO good. YAY !
    3. Trinnity
      Hi honey ! I've missed you. Glad to see ya. Check out my site....the link is in my siggy.

      Missed you, REALLY.
    4. liberalminority
      There are some government programs that will subsidize a computer purchase if you have low income, if if you're still having trouble getting a new computer look into it so you can return to PF. Farewell fellow member
    5. Trinnity
      That sucks about your laptop. Is it ruined?(I sure hope not) I miss seeing you around buddy. I mean that.
    6. Trinnity
      HI, buddy. Haven't seen you lately. I've been missing you. <sniff> :date:
    7. flounder
      Go take a look thorp, you'll love it....HAHAHAHAHAAH
    8. flounder
      Oh I added something already, I will keep my eye on it. That crap is on it's last legs thank God. Weiner has a better routine......takes more talent too....
    9. flounder
      Sounds like fun...LOL I have been off and on because I have some company, I just may have to ask them to leave....LOL
    10. changed
    11. changed
      You are so sweet Jthorp. You are a great human being and poster lol. ♥
    12. Johnny-C
      I DO accept your apology.

      And I have to say, because of our nation's history, this topic evokes deep, hard and difficult feelings and convictions. It is easy for us ALL to feel harsh and/or say something offensive to one another (people who are otherwise very decent human beings).

      But because America is still hurting/offended (for real and often frustrating reasons), it is just plain difficult to remain as fair and objective as we'd all like to be.

      I am Black and was raised to simply LOVE others (my parents are Catholic); I know that works with PEOPLE (of each and every ethnic persuasion). I love and am loved by many people, who are not African American people. I am also a career military man, who has had the job of literally showing people how to understand one another, so that they might work together and fight as a team.

      Even with all of my experience, I'm human and realize that there are thoughts and perspectives of others that I must consider... though they disagree with my own. At the very least, I just want people to find some way to get along together.

      Again, your apology is accepted. We are all human beings, and that distinct 'lack' of perfection we all possess, is something I believe we're ALL better off keeping in mind; especially when we get ticked-off in an internet forum, where the feelings and MOST human parts of us are obscured by the very medium we're using.

      I want people to get along together; and I think something that will help that is for people to be able to (carefully) share what they've been through and what they really feel. We don't all have to agree on all that is said, but try a bit harder overall to understand that people feel what they do (though they/we may be further from what some would perceive to be truth). It is HARD for Americans to work through these feelings... but all my years of living, fighting (war), hoping, praying and loving all kinds of people, tells me it is absolutely worthwhile.

      Peace to you and yours, Johnny.
    13. Trinnity
      Glad to have you with us in The Q, darlin'. You are well regarded among your peers!
    14. Trinnity
      ^ John, John, Jimmy, and Robert. Cool........
    15. changed
      How sad, I bet it was. He had a pretty hard time kicking it. I can tell you really liked his music...so for you. I am sorry for your personal loss.
    16. changed
      I liked the way he held the bass when he played. Not very many if ANY could hold it like that and play.
    17. changed
      Did he die from a Over dose? Did he get back on heroin? I thought he kicked that. I hope he did.
      How sad, Man, That really sucks
    18. RevAnarchist
      Hi J, I have been watching your writes replies etc. The reason I haven't commented is that I nearly always agreed with you and I was pining to get to those that I did not agree with! Ha ha! Keep it, I am sure you now you send a powerful message with your music, keep it up and God bless you. (if you aren't religious just consider that a compliment). A parting thought...I detest when people try to label me. I am neither liberal nor conservative socialist or capitalists etc. anyway~ Usually musicians lean more to the left, you seem a bit conservative. do you have any political leanings?
    19. changed
      Hi jthorp....thanks for the reps! ;)
      LOL I just wanted to stop by and tell you I really enjoy your posts. Keep kickin' ass.8)
    20. catalinacat
      for the rep......
    21. catalinacat
      thank you guitar man
    22. changed
      Thanks for the great posts! ;)
    23. flounder
      Now that your name is out there you will get noticed more...
    24. flounder
      Congratulations thorp, you made the top Reputation list,,,HAHAHAHAHAH.
      WAY TO GO....
    25. justonemorevoice
      go to the main front page...all the way to the bottom
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