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Mar 21, 2009
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    1. Ctrl
      Where you been? 2 likes yesterday is not enough influence. The more you are at sea the further right I go.
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    2. Max Rockatansky
      Max Rockatansky
      How's life down South? Did the hurricane hurt you?
    3. Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne
      Taking a break from these forums. Too much going on.

    4. Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne
      Big news Tina. I'm moving to Sugarland TX. Bought a house just outside of town.

    5. Frowning Loser
      Frowning Loser
      Hi how are you. I haven't heard from you in a long while. I did notice some issues with your mother. But I don't know what they were? Maybe none of my business.
    6. submarinepainter
    7. An Old Guy
      An Old Guy
      I'm fine, how are you?
    8. Birdzeye
      How are you doing? I feel like crap, not just because of what's coming down for our country but because I have this awful cold. I don't even feel like picking up my knitting needles to knit!
    9. truth and justice
      truth and justice
      Yes, I saw that. What is funny is that the mod deleted your message but your message was quoted in a reply so everyone could see it anyway ! Some of the mods are funny - I wrote to someone in a thread something like don't be an idiot and I got a warning for it with a message of, if I be good this warning will be removed in 6 months - I feel quite proud though :) . I only wrote it because he/she was swearing and insulting everyone !
    10. Birdzeye
      I'm not doing well battling wits with the right wing nasties. Honest discussion? What's that?
    11. gchamblee
      I am sorry to hear about your mother. That is terrible news. I hope you are holding yourself together and I hope that your father is doing well.
    12. PeppermintTwist
      There are so many posters that I just simply avoid, even if they respond to my posts. This Trump support is sickening and I'm embarrassed for this nation...seriously!
    13. Pax Aeon
      Pax Aeon
      I should just come out and say it; we don't agree on Hillary. (that sort of rhymes) She does not deserve to be the first female president. Jill Stein isn't perfect, I mean she deliberately vandalized a bulldozer with spray paint......which I salute her for. She has my vote.
    14. OverDrive
    15. Pax Aeon
      Pax Aeon
      My dear, diplomacy does not seem to be your forté but then again, it is vastly overrated. :wink:
    16. Pax Aeon
      Pax Aeon
      There are some new jerks here but yeah.....it's already monotonous. Still, one can only hope.
    17. Pax Aeon
      Pax Aeon
      I'm watching this forum go to hell. I mean there are some very screwed up people here. Too many trolls. *sigh*
    18. Pax Aeon
      Pax Aeon

      The topics here are getting stale, boring and predictable. So what's up?

    19. Chronocide Fiend
      Chronocide Fiend
      That would be Austin. You?
    20. Pax Aeon
      Pax Aeon
      For the next few days we will have intermittent rain. I want a full body tan, not a rust. *grin*. RU country or city?
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