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Jan 14, 2012
    1. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      hi whats doing .
    2. devilsadvocate
      yeah it was great talking through this medium.

      I am sure we will agree to disagree in the future as well as we have in the past. I do my best to keep it civil, have a great day :)
    3. devilsadvocate
      I think the bill of rights was implemented more to address issue they felt were important, yet had not covered elsewhere in the constitution. It was more covering those issues, rather than amending something.

      I think some of the Goldwater conservatives are still out there, but are just embarrassed by those who call themselves conservative today, I think they keep their mouths shut for the most part and pick issues they want to address. Another large group of them are Democrats today.

      Conscience of a Conservative is one of my favorite books.
    4. devilsadvocate
      "Sure. It's a place where people can talk directly without disrupting a thread.

      I guess where I get off the bus is on the selfishness issue. My perspctive on the usefulness of government comes largely from Tom Paine's Common sense.

      Being disdainful of taxes doesn't make you pro-business except sort of by default.

      that is what I thought too. I am not really pro-business, but by default I am in that grouping.

      Everyone should be a work in progress. This is where I get off the bus on conservatism altogether. The basic fallacy of appeal to tradition is, from what I cna see, a basic article of the conservative faith.

      for me the constitution is a living breathing document (not saying you believe otherwise), but I only get off the conservative bus, when people try and include religion into it.

      I am a Barry Goldwater type conservative.

      You can imagine I find the current crop of regular Republicans absolutely terrifying. It's almost inconceivable to me that any of them could get elected, from Rick Santorum to Michelle Bachmann.

      So do I. Except I like Ron Paul (of course not on every issue), his record is consistent, and he doesn't back down and flip flop to try and please people. I used to really like McCain, but he sold out in an effort to please these crazy social conservatives. Herman Cain seems okay, but I am pretty ignorant on him right now. Do I think Paul and Cain have a chance to get elected? probably not, but I am no longer blinded by being a partisan. For me right now its pretty much Ron Paul or Obama.

      I agree too much time is wasted on abortion and gay rights and other things. These are only issues at all because of social conservatives.

      I think it is a generation thing, I love my parents, but I need to convince them to stop voting, lol.
    5. devilsadvocate
      np, I never considered this medium here as a means to discuss and talk about things, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      I just want to pay less taxes for more things that do not effect me, I would rather not pay income tax (i do not think it is necessary, and I think had it existed earlier, it would be another reason to fight the crown.). If this makes me pro-business, then well I guess I am. I vote and think on most issues from a selfish point of view. I would like my situation to be better. On the other hand many issues today, don't effect anything and are a waste of time and resource to constantly debate about (abortion, gay rights, etc.). For me I am a work in progress, also the place i have lived definitely effects my out look. I started in Southern Illinois, moved to central Missouri (I was...well I was a republican), then I moved to the Washington DC metro area and have been here for 3.5 years (now I am independant and seriously considering voting democrat for the 1st time in my life, I know they have some conservative candidates out there or moderates that I can agree with more than these neocons).
    6. devilsadvocate
      I take the compass every January and have for the past 5 years. I am usually around a +5 or +6 in the conservative rank, but I used to be more authoritarian, that started at +3 and has come down about 0.5 every year. I have no explanation if I listened to the national propaganda (media), I would be a contradiction - I am Christian, but pro-choice and KNOW that evolution is the correct path, I would love to legalize Cannibus (mainly so I can smoke it again and keep my job), I am also embarrassed that we still treat gay people in this society the way they are currently treated. I guess for me Jesus was about love, and not the hate his fan club is so fond of. I guess I am one of those socially liberal, fiscally conservative people, that really have no label. The Tea Party sounded really good in the beginning, until it became evident it was just a bunch of neocons in disguise (I hate neocons!)
    7. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      I am impressed by your poetry Kmisho.

      Take care...
    8. kmisho
      RTS are just about all I play, but even then not that much anymore. I'm waiting for Starcraft 2 but it keeps getting delayed.

      IMO Starcraft is the best RTS ever.
    9. MidiPour
      You mean RTS games? I mainly played Age of Empires, but that was a decade ago, but Starcraft II looks appealing.
    10. kmisho
      I've never played it. I always liked Warcraft and Starcraft as they're sort of like chess with a 150 pieces on each side and the pieces have to fight it out.
    11. MidiPour
      Not only do I like chess, but also this game, which is loosely based on Chess, albeit with the obvious 90 degrees angle and lee-way between deployed classes and the enemies' Health Points.

      Not sure if you recognize this game, or play videogames as a whole, but this is Final Fantasy Tactics, which is what my avatar is based on-- the concept art of said game. FFT is a masterpiece.
    12. kmisho
      Yep. Lot's of chess.
    13. MidiPour
      Hello, nice to meet you, so you play chess often?
    14. kmisho
      In a quick look, I was unable to confirm the authenticity of a quote but I don't have much outright reason to doubt it. When I pop the phrase into Google, I find myself at the junction of Ron Paul, antisemitism and conspiracy theory.
    15. groupthink
      yea i saw it on someone elses sig on another forum... googled it...seems legit so i use it now.
    16. The specialist
      The specialist
      Great link and picture on tectonic plates movement.. That indeed explains it very well...
    17. The specialist
      The specialist
      Ok,thank You for the information.Very appreciated ..
    18. The specialist
      The specialist
      "In other words, string theory can describe just about any universe you can think of with some similarity to ours." = I thought that was kind of the point.No ?
    19. The specialist
      The specialist
      Hey man,I'm not a scientist but I appreciate you writing me back on the string theory.. Could you put what you wrote me in more layman's terms.Thank you in advance..
    20. The specialist
      The specialist
      Hey,I like the string theory too,very fascinating to me... You mentioned in the evolution thread that it is at a stand still or in trouble again.Do you mean that it isn't adding up again,or they are just unable to really do anything with it ?
    21. justonemorevoice
      lol, thanks! pssssssssst, im a SHE. lol.
    22. Eldedu
      Im afraid im arguing that god doesnt exist so apparently we're both on the same side, but thanks for offering.
    23. Anarcho-Technocrat
      Ok, in advance I will be using several branches of philosophy, including Epistemology and Ontology. As well as Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and several other widley known theories. Their may be some mathematics involved, so don't be too upset. Thanks.
    24. Anarcho-Technocrat
      Ok, put a thread up in the Debate Contest and i'll jump in.
    25. jackalope
      Hi kmisho ! Thx for the friend add, always happy for new friends!

      Wow, bonus! I get to christen your wall ..... *jackalope runs around and plays in the sand* :mrgreen:
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