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Oct 13, 2009
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Apr 13, 2021 at 12:32 AM
    1. doombug
      Yes, it is predictable. Before the Zimmerman verdict there were a bunch talking smack but they disappeared afterward and a bunch of "new" members popped up. I figured there would be some drop out after the election only to be replaced by "new" members.
    2. kreitleinn
      just out of curiosity why is your name the great Satan?
    3. flounder
      Dont know about that, all the Big ones had sizzle, Charisma. Look at Reagan, Clinton all huge charisma...

      You have to win it, before you can change it.
    4. flounder
      All that matters in this country is the guys likability, not agenda, not philosophy, not even party Dem or Repub.

      Run a winner and you will have a winner, it's the sizzle my friend.
    5. flounder
      Hey Satan how are ya,,,good to hear from you...Yeah it's a mess alright, problem being many are depressed and are not fighting.
      Four yrs is a long time buddy..., so they are sitting around licking their wounds.

      Naaaa, we will never get enough for the Libertarian party, not close. We would be in a bigger mess
    6. Troianii
      great profile pic!
    7. Trinnity
      Nice to see you around!!! <waves>
    8. flounder
      Yo Satan I did already....LOL
      Obama may have a problem getting on the ballot in Arizona,,,they want the original....LOL
    9. HillBilly
      Hey my man , take a break and kick back , enjoy the Force and a pizza . [IMG] or two , looking at the bs from cw on your vm page , you prolly gonna work up an appetite whacking this guy , lol , here , have another [IMG]
    10. CoolWalker
      Hello Satan:
      I am sending this message to make an apology to you if I offended you in any way. it was not my intent to disagree publicly with a comrade-in-arms. I will leave it at that if it is alright with you.

      Thank you.
    11. HillBilly
      Today is Jiyuu-Freedoms BirthDay . please join me in sending her birthday greetings & well wishes to a great gal and one of the best Mods on PF :-)
    12. Trinnity
      Roger that. Never let 'em rest. <merciless>
    13. Trinnity
      Dangit, I'd rep you back, but I'm out. I'll get you asap.
      I can't be on top all the time, that would be selfish.
      Thanks for just being the sweet guy you are. Nice to see you.
    14. flounder
      Well,,,,,I'm an beat Obama guy at all costs......I would take Gingrich myself,,but what you gonna do? Mitt is as good as in, and nobody will stop that, he's a good guy and much more conservative than people think. Besides he will carry the independents, and we need that for a win,,,could be close.....
      Obama will make sure everything looks like an upswing, you can bet on that...., people wont know it's Bull till after the election, unless Gas goes up....
    15. Trinnity
      I see you hanging out here. I'm still looking for my lost tribbles. Have you seen them?
    16. HillBilly
      Happy New Year , look forward to your good posts in 2012 . [IMG]
    17. flounder
      MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND,,,,,Hey did I ever tell you my brother ran into Rick Moranas in Boutique in Port Jefferson Long Island? My brother was trying on a leather Jacket and looking in a Mirror, Rick came from behind him and said,,,''Buy it,,it looks great on you''...LOL
      My brother said it was the fastest six hundred bucks he ever spent.....
    18. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas my friend [IMG]
    19. darckriver
      Great avatar!
    20. flounder
      I like the guy a REAL lot, I worry though if he does make it how many favors it will take, that's what happened to Obama. Not that his own ideology would have ever been acceptable, but that guy owed the left something fierce...
      They knew he would never get a second term pushing their crap, but Health Care was worth it to them...Obama was the biggest puppet we have ever had, and I don't care what law school he graduated from, the man was not smart enough to know how to handle them...

      If it's Romney I wont be too upset, I think the guy is really smart and wont be owned....I truly believe the man is a conservative, but he had to please his state, so he did. They have too Satan...
    21. flounder
      Yeah,,we got beat...LOL
    22. flounder
      LOL,,,let the good times roll. They are on the defense, it's been that way since.......EVER?
    23. flounder
      Yup,,I am signed up there already, I have to stop by more...
    24. flounder
      Hey Satan,,what's up Bro....? This place has been dead lately, not much for the Libs to howl about...LOL
    25. GeddonM3
      lol funniest things in life are true, and that joke is no lie lol. im not a prick or nothing but after meeting many BMW owners at BMW events i must say 95% of them are real (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)s lol.
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