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Viewing thread Isn't declaring a national emergency the same as declaring martial law?, Feb 18, 2019 at 6:59 PM
    1. justonemorevoice
      She hates me...always has.
    2. justonemorevoice
      Omg, did you see where the mod shang deleted my reply to AFM in the Invanka thread because i dared to say a staffer was rude?
    3. truth&justice
      Gees, had no idea that our President was also the Puppet Master of one of the largest Corporations in all the World! Really? I think not! (Yes, I suspect U were just trying to be funny - - right? If not; I'd have to put U in the Category of a Moron. You're not, "one of those," now are U? We have too many - - already - - walking the Globe, today.)
    4. truth&justice
      truth&justice selected because - - for the 99%; we have little of either in a Nation that is drifting toward Fascism. A very small but powerful Minority has no other choice but to deny BOTH truth & justice to the masses in order to maintain Control. What do U - - or anyone - - thinks we get; when powerful & well heeled Corporate Interests form an Alliance with Influential and Powerful Political Interests to further the Agendas of BOTH; at the exclusion of the Masses? A Classic Textbook Definition of Fascism.

      Given the population numbers being what they are: a Fascist Political & Economic State can only be maintained by using Machiavellian tactics; then, ultimately, by the establishment of a Police State. Again, in my view; a Police State; could greatly enhance it's effectiveness at maintaining both Power & Control 100X; through the use of Smart Machines, i.e.; Robots. Such devices could easily become the, "eyes, ears, & executioners," of a Fascist State.
    5. Tribearer_Eko
      i like your user name, why did you choose it?
      1. Naruto
        It's from a Japanese anime I used to watch.
        Jun 2, 2017
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