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Sep 18, 2008
    1. basicrules70
      I've never been a communist and never liked communist ideas.

      If you conclude loving Russia and communism are equal, that's a very srange logic.

      I don't take Americans who love USA as imperialists or agressors. Their feelings are OK.
      At the same time anobody who is trying to make hostilies again Russia will never win.

      Trust me, WW3-thxRUS. It's much more profitable to be partners with Russia.
    2. yGN
      So are Chechens who live in their own republic and have their own government and their own laws.
    3. i.beletesri
      We agree on sports any way.
      But that just highlights the problem IN the Mulsim word, especially Theocracies like Iran.
      There is no 'separation of Church and state' in Islam.
      So Israel or no.. you still got Islam to deal with.
      If the Danish had significant team they probably wouldn't compete against them either-- for the privately published cartoons.... as many arab countries now have a boycott on Denmark.

      Look around, there's whole big world out there besides the 2 weeks you seem to care about!
    4. i.beletesri
      Sports is just the tip of it
      I think his government should give up stoning, or more recently, Hanging people for adultery.
      (and so much else)
      Or Proceeding with Nuclear enrichment while making threatening statements about Israel's existence.
    5. Tehran Tim
      Tehran Tim
      Yep mate I agree.
    6. WW3-thxRUS
      I'm sorry to hurt your feelings communist. However many of your comrades use this forum as a means to pass Hate-America propaganda. Leave your communist whining at home. Russia didn't make much progress until Americans opened a new front in france during WW2. Don't forget about constant American bombing in Germany. Then tell your comrades not to use this forum to talk about war with America then f*cking Communist hypocrite.
    7. Tehran Tim
      Tehran Tim
      I think it's bullsht. There's at least 40 Americans in the Iranian basketball league. I don't expect there to be 40 Iranians in the NBA, we don't have that many players that are NBA material, but Ehadadi certainly is good enough for the league. Again, I don't know why politics should even be mixed with sports, but that's the way it is I suppose. I don't know if you saw the Iran-Argentina game in the Olympics, but this guy was on fire.
    8. basicrules70
      Dear WW3-thxRUS!

      In other words, you liked Red Square towers - St. Vasily's Cathedral and Spasskaya Tower.


      It's a pity the only desire you have is bombing them.

      I wish your Texas cities Austin and Houston to live in peace and prosperity.

      As to bombing and occupying Moscow, anybody who had plans of doing so, simply lost.

      Napoleon, Hitler, etc.

      Let's get into the field of political discussion, not into threatening me and Russian people.
      We in Russia don't want to make war with you, Americans.
      As you understand (I hope so), it would be the End of the World.
      Not only for USA and Russia.

      Let's be people of common sense and not talk about war between our countries.
    9. Oxymoron
      Well we have a lot of Russian Patriots here who have short term memory loss.
    10. Oxymoron
      Indeed I think we are back to the cold war, and I just hope we get awesome movies out of it at least.
    11. WW3-thxRUS
      Russia showing its (SOVIET COLORS.) Russia is not protecting Georgia from genocide, they are using South Ossetia as a means of keeping a NATO country from bordering the (MOTHERLAND.)
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