2 Men Guilty Of Conspiring To Kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

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    2 Men Guilty Of Conspiring To Kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
    The jury also found Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. guilty of conspiring to obtain a weapon of mass destruction.

    Republican attorney general candidate Matt DePerno tweeted .... that he predicted the “Whitmer kidnapping sham was entrapment by the FBI designed to create a false narrative before the election.” He made this comment just days after the news broke in October 2020 on a right-wing talk show with host Randy Bishop, a.k.a. “Trucker Randy.”

    Looks like there will be two fewer right-wing criminals on the street to declare civil war or a second American Revolution. Sadly though, there will still be those on the radical right, including some hate-America-first politicians, who have a soft spot for criminals. In the same vein, we are witnessing this phenomenon with Crooked Donnie Trump. Crooked Donnie steals government documents but somehow he is another victim of an out-of-control FBI and prosecutors.


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