A Day In The Life Of Lilian

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    A day in the life of Lilian
    Is by most standards good:
    She stands in her cot quite meekly
    Until it is time for food -
    With finger in side of her mouth
    She yodels, "wa wa wa wa wa"
    And then banging on her playpen,
    "Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma"
    And as I begin conversation
    With her, "La la la la la,"
    She looks at me intently
    And screams, "BWA BWA BWA BWA BWA" -
    How dare you not give me food now?
    I am the queen of the house
    And if you do not put this muesli
    Right now in my mouth
    I will raise such a howl
    That you will take to your grave
    So give it to me, right now,
    Give it to me, you slave!
    She happily laughs while I kiss her,
    Then joyfully smacks my face -
    What are you doing, mister?
    Must I use my can of mace?
    And then she is laughing at me
    Her diaper and pants, on the rug -
    Dad, why are you unhappy?
    It's me, come give me a hug!
    With a mouth full of fingers -
    Other hand clutching a doll -
    She is the charming princess
    Of our little world -
    The children all love this creature
    With her big radiant eyes
    With soft, delightful features
    And open, teething smiles -
    They cuddle and hold and kiss her
    This teddy bear come alive
    And people cannot resist her -
    So how can I and my wife?
    We feed her, clothe her, change her,
    Kiss her, hug her, give her toys
    Keep her from harm and danger -
    And then in the sweetest voice
    She speaks the word "Dada"
    To a girl who tells her hello
    And people are laughing out loud:
    That's not your dad, don't you know?
    I hold her in front of mirror
    She laughs back at what she sees:
    The face that reflects back at her
    Lit up by infectious bliss.
    She loves being bathed in water
    And drinks milk from mother's breast
    And yet she is daddy's daughter
    And loathes to get dressed -
    And then she is all her own:
    The queen of all time and space -
    And only eleven months old -
    Why, if at such a pace
    Exceeding great people and royals
    One day she will be divine
    And make even better worlds
    For people to reside in!
    More feeding, cuddling, adoring
    And then her eyes have grown shut
    Until the following morning -
    The queen is asleep. All be quiet.

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