A historical glimpse of the Western intervention in the Middle East and the world

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    The approach of Western powers to the Middle East politics is erroneous and ignorant. The application of force occupy a considerable area in the thinking of the political elites, thinkers and think tanks in the West. The invasion of Iraq, Camp Bucca and Abu Ghraib prisons, the interrogation techniques are clear examples of the force mentality controlling the outcome of American politics. Americans were in Vietnam using chemical weapons, the Orange agent; however, Barack Obama draws a red line for the Syrian army not to use chemical weapons. Americans used the Depleted Uranium in Iraq, but they invade Iraq because of Saddam Hussien possess Chemical weapons. No evidence provided on Iraq manufacturing chemical weapons or Syrian army used them neither against civilian nor against Al-Qaida armed insurgency. I don't understand how is a nation established on the principles of slavery, racial discrimination and the genocide of its native population to claim masterpiece constitution prioritizing the value of human life, freedoms and equality above all other matters. American government can't even provide the residents of flint-Michigan their fundamental human rights in clean water. They even gassed their citizens at peaceful standing rock demonstration.

    Then I was made to believe the media that the French approach to the Middle East politics is different, I made a mistake. I read the history of the French Revolution, introducing the idea of separating the church from the state, screaming the slogans about freedom and equality. But it was all about people vigorous fight to gain political power. It was all false. France went on an imperial warpath in the Middle East and Africa after their glorious revolution. Even they were in Vietnam too before the Americans. What was the business of the French army there? Then I was impressed by the French president jack sherak opposing the Americans war on Iraq, so the American media decided to punish him by requesting to change the name of the famous French Fries and boycotting French Louisiana. But politicians like Nikolai Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron erased all good record of jack sherak and got involved in Mali, Central African Republic, Libya and now in Syria.

    I continued to look for an explanation of the Western powers attitude against third wald nations. I had thoughts about Britain, the country that enacts a law to outlaw the slave trade. The mighty British navy enforced that law expropriating every ship transferring slaves and free them. I have to give them credit for that. I mean great nations are all about standing with the righteous for moral reasons. Clearly, I was wrong for the third time. The British intentions were all about looting the wealth of the Middle Eastern, ِAsian and African countries. Even their neighbors in Ireland and Scotland didn't escape the British imperialist mentality. Free the slaves, enslaving whole populations best described British policy in that era.

    The history of the West in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are shameful. And even European governments used oppression against their own people. In recent days, nine French citizens killed and hundreds wounded as the French people take it down to the street to protest a government tax on fuel. The police arrested hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, insulting them and treating them like animals. American militarized police force and British police are no better in handling similar situations. Even countries like Belgium involved in the blood Diamond trade and resumes its own imperialism past in Africa causing the death of at least 10 million Congolese citizens. Western media look like more of a strawman than real authority called falsely, the fourth estate. They are working a full-time advising Middle Eastern people about democracy and resisting tyrannies to replace these called dictatorships with Ultra-Orthodoxy Islamic, a fundamentalist and Al-Qaida tyrannies. And all of that serves the interests of the Western powers with its imperialist nature that planning to come back under fighting terrorism pretext.


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