Alcohol and first sexual experience: Risks for young women

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    If a young woman’s first sexual experience involves alcohol, she is more likely to be at risk for problems such as sexual assault, and this risk may persist in her future, new research finds.
    The study, authored by Jennifer A. Livingston, PhD, senior research scientist at the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions (RIA), surveyed 228 women, ages 18 to 20, about their sexual experiences and drinking habits. The average age the women began drinking was 14 and the average age for first sexual intercourse was 16.
    Livingston found that first sexual experiences involving alcohol were most likely to occur outside the context of a relationship (a “hook-up”), with a partner who was also using substances and after a social gathering involving alcohol. Alcohol-involved first experiences were less planned, less desired and rated more negatively overall than those not involving alcohol, which usually occurred in the context of a romantic relationship and were described as wanted, planned and more positive. see details
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    Women Catching Up With Men...
    Study: On Alcohol Consumption, Women Catching Up With Men
    November 24, 2015 - Women at greater risk than men of variety of alcohol-related health effects, including liver inflammation, heart disease and cancer, researchers say

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