Angel Of Passion

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    The fiery passion-angel
    By cemetery side -
    Romanticism's avenger -
    Took us upon a ride

    Through all the passion's ranges
    From heartbreak to delight,
    Into and through derangement
    And gave us second sight -

    Through rapture and through sorrow
    Through beauty and through wrath
    Through sunlight and through snowstorm
    And through both life and death:

    Leading half-way to heaven
    Leading half-way to bliss
    And, like a pitch-black raven,
    Pitching upon the trees

    From which it cawed and muttered
    And, with my soul in beak,
    Threw me into a gutter
    Wherefrom I now speak.

    It was a gorgeous journey,
    It was a glorious ride,
    Running in early morning
    Out to the riverside,

    Holding you, gently breathing,
    With your head next to mine,
    Tenderness endless feeling
    With our hearts intertwined,

    Kissing you softly sleeping
    On the dock in my arms,
    Feeling the passion deepen
    Under the flashing stars,

    Doing, in exaltation,
    Pull-ups off trees and walls,
    Feeling the inspiration
    Reaching impassioned souls,

    Learning French, and embracing
    Upon a waterbed,
    On a lakeside undressing
    Inside a sleeping bag,

    Reciting Blake and Coleridge
    Hearing your brilliant speech
    Acquiring truth and knowledge -
    What more could I beseech:

    You are like stars in heaven,
    You are like wind and rain,
    You are like moon and Neptune
    You are both joy and pain -

    I fathom all that happened
    And whether I'm in rue
    Or whether I am happy
    I won't get over you.

    In beauty that we shared,
    Passion that through us coursed
    Is end to all despair
    And end to every curse:

    Taking to divine splendor
    Taking to the truths sublime
    Where I can't sit, lie or stand or
    See, but feel space and time

    Before this passion melting,
    Turning soft in my glove,
    As from it I am smelting
    The sculpture to our love -

    From truth that you've awakened
    Comes knowledge of the whole
    And, if I'm not mistaken,
    Keys to the human soul.

    I'll take what you have given
    And use it as a key
    To place where all's forgiven
    And all the paths are free -

    To reach higher and deeper
    Uniting sky and earth
    And in my heart to keep her -
    Love to which we gave birth.

    The passion's flaming angel
    Broke through the clouds to forge
    Upon the divine anvil
    A burning blowtorch

    Melding the pearls and iron
    Into a wedding ring
    And into its environs
    Bringing eternal spring,

    Puncturing through the seeming
    There to avail of light -
    Angel of passion, dreaming
    From day into the night.

    The messenger of passion
    Took me into the sky
    And I took a concussion
    While learning there to fly -

    And, as I was still dreaming
    Of living in the sky,
    The angel turned a demon
    And screamed at me to die.
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    A condensed Readers Digest version...

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